Was it hard leaving home?


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Have many people here moved away from their parents, when going to college or just growing up? How did you find the experience, what did you find difficult about it?


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It was great when I went off to college. Didnt find it difficult at all, although I've always done well with organizing time and taking meds. It was a little bit more challenging going to grad school, because then I had to also take care of an apartment, do all food-related stuff, take a full course load and teach undergrads 20 hours a week. (plus having a horse) But I managed. In retrospect, if I had been more forthcoming about my health situation with my professors from the get-go, things would have been easier. What I failed at was eating well. Living on a stipend and supporting a horse too was almost impossible. My food budget was nonexistent, so I ate a lot of filling cheap carbos and fatty stuff. Put on too much weight w/o good nutrition. So be wary of your diet. :)
Hey. I went away to college (a six or seven hour drive), and I found it hard at first. A month after I got to college, I had to go into the hospital for a bowel obstruction, and it was my first time advocating for myself 100%. In general, however, I found it wonderful to see that I could do it pretty much by myself, with my parents' support by phone.


I moved out after college, I was a little worried but excited too. I was already pretty independant with all the CF stuff, so the challenge was the typical stuff. Setting up an apartment, buying groceries and cooking for myself. I also ended up eating lots of pasta, I went vegetarian at the same time, and put on weight. I eat more variety now. I even moved across the country to California (from PA) 12 years ago and I've been great. Though I do miss family now.
Good luck!


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I had a hard time going away to school. I was not far from home. Through no fault of my own I got sick twice. In one 18 week semester I spent 4 weeks in the hospital and probably 5 being sick. Just plain bad luck.
I moved back home a few semesters later, and stayed there after graduating for financial reasons.
I bought a house about a year ago and living alone has been great. I did spend a few weeks with my parents on home ivs, more because cooking and cleaning is hard. Else living alone has made me more active and feeling better.


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I left home for college at 18. I loved college and being on my own. I developed as a person, picked up employable skills and convinced my wife to marry me while away from home (30 miles). I probably didn't sleep well enough and I did have the luck of reasonably good health.

My simple advice: Be prepared. Take the personal responsibility to figure out what college life is going to be like. You'll need to prepare for the things that everyone prepares for (cooking, cleaning study habits, interpersonal skills), and then you'll need a couple of extra preparations for the CF stuff. Figure out how/when are you going to do nebs and PT, how you are going to get your Px refilled, and what you will do if you start feeling run down. You might want to start transitioning to an adult clinic and build your own relationship with the staff (let your parent tag along, but don’t let them run the show anymore). Talk and plan with your parents (again run the show so they know you are taking responsibility) and see if they have any other suggestions or ways they want to help you. Lastly, build a contingency plan so if you run into serious health/finance/social trouble, you have a soft place to crash land. Maybe figure out how to drop a class or take a semester off if your health needs attention (a college councilor might even be able to help you develop that plan). Make the plan while you are healthy so it is easier to execute if you get sick.

Leaving home can feel daunting but it is very rewarding. The things you’ve learned from fighting CF so far, will aslo help you fight through college and the real world.


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Hard? Nah, not really. Then again my home life wasn't the best and I would've accepted a lot less than what I currently have just to get out of there. I also already had my SSI set up, so it was really just a matter of finding a place and moving. Best thing I ever did.

That said, I don't know your circumstances, but as someone else said, be prepared. Know your income, what your expenses might be, and what benefits might be available to you. If you're going to college, remember that your health should be paramount and taking fewer classes/extra time for yourself may be necessary but absolutely worth it. Also, if you need roommates maybe try to find friends or people who know your situation.


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I was kicked out my parents house and moved in with my bf and never met his parents b4 so it was awkward. But we found our own place and its hard but it feels better to be out my parents house.. I was kinda like a maid to them.. did alot for them. Feels nice to be on my own. Not that hard.. Does have some rough patches. But not that hard at all.


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I moved out with my boyfriend (now husband) about a year and a half after we started dating. I was 20. I didn't find it hard at all because I was already doing everything on my own. I live about 40 minutes away from my family now. My parents taught me growing up how important it was to learn everything about my CF situation and how essential it was to become independent. Can't be dependent on them forever if you want a semi-normal life. My husband rarely reminds me to do things. It's all on me. I take enzymes, a handful of post transplant medicine, test blood sugar, take insulin and change insulin pump site, tube feedings, daily Miralax, get monthly blood work for medication levels. A day in the life of me. IF you've always been compliant then the moving transition is easy. Nothing to it. Although, I hated transitioning to the adult CF center. I'm still getting used to it. I miss Children's! They were my family.