What are you allergic to?


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Just curious as to what things--meds, foods, animals, plants--you're allergic too (not sensitive/intolerant).<div><br></div><div>My only allergy is Sulfa medications, which kinda stinks since a few drugs used to treat CF related things require Sulfa drugs. Apparently when I was a baby it made me break out in hives...</div><div>But! I decided to have my allergy tested, so right after this round of IV's is up it's off to the allergist! BTW, I love how they want to "test" it. I.e. crush up a sulfa pill and give me tiny bits until I break out. Very sophisticated.</div><div><br></div><div>So let's hear your allergies!</div>


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Well let's see i'm a bit of a conundrum. I am allergic to everything. Tobramycin, Meropenum, Cipro, Aztrionam, Cholistime, Tazocin (which became all penicillins), Ceftazacine, basically all the parent antibiotics. So they are scared to give me anything. I even react during desensitizations. yep i'm that much fun!!!!


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Vancomycin. I start flushing and itching like mad. So I just get Benadryl 30 minutes before they give it to me. Works like a charm.


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My dd has horrible allergies to Augmentin (not sure what the name is in the US). Then it seemed like she was getting allergic to Bactrim, Rifadin etc, I was really panicked! Then we ran some allergy tests on these drugs and only augmentin came out positive. The allergist told us that the rash she had was her body's'reaction to infection, not to the drug. Mysteriously, she no longer gets any rash from bactrim, so go figure


Morphine, all cephlosporines, solumedrol, levequin...luckily I am totally fine with foods, animals, and outdoor things (like pollen, etc.). I had a very scary episode of anaphylaxis a couple years ago due to the morphine. I've had extensive hives and rashes with all the medications. I was given levequin iv before gallbladder surgery and the surgeon said he watched me change just like that.

I bought a medical bracelet that is actually a memory stick for the computer. I wear it only on vacations, but you can constantly change the information. It was about 20 bucks at walgreens. I wanted something specifically for allergies, especially after anaphylaxis!



some steriods

Any mercury preservative


lotsof environmentals and foods with mild symptoms

peanuts, cantaloupe with moderate symptoms

bovine dairy with severe symptoms

morphine makes me itch like I am going crazy

Erithrymicin makes me throw up over and over


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Sulfa, Floxin, Bactrum-- hives and stomach ulcers

Nexium-- horrible hives that cover over 50% of my body

Budesonide as a nasal wash-- heart races and I can't sit still for anything

Pulmozyme (spell??)-- rash/red cheek and forehead and elevated heart rate

Most lotions, most hair products (including most shampoos and conditioners), cardboard boxes if I rub up against them too much (horrible itchy rash). Most bath washes (especially those with perfume or coloring), face creams and perfumed bath bars (soap). Also allergic to fabric softener.

I use all anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic products-- dye and perfume free. As I get older it is getting worse... hard to find things to combat dry skin.


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I am severely allergic to dust. I know I can't be the only one. I cough up mucus like all hell while I'm in my carpeted room, but once I'm at work for about an hour, I'm good. Early next week I have an appointment to get my carpet removed and replaced with laminate flooring; I hope it makes me feel better! Believe it or not, I am also allergic to stainless steel; as every kind of ring I bought to wear I began coughing up alot of mucus, and when I took it off, I was instantly better! Cipro, mold, most antibiotics. The muscle relaxer Skelaxcin, and Nexuim and Prilosec!

I'm 1 dust bunny away from living in a bubble!