What does yoga do for you?


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i really want to try out yoga to relax after a workout, or even workout using yoga..
where can i find videos like what do i search for, yoga workouts?
and what does it do for you?
does anyone do yoga on here? how does it feel?


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The few times I did yoga, it didn't do much for me. It was a nice stretch and got my heart and breathing rate up, but not really enough for what I'd consider a workout. Might be good for a cooldown after a workout, if you have the energy, though.
I find yoga extremely effective for opening up my lungs. My teacher knows my issues, and is able to tailor her lessons so that I get the best stretching I can. Good luck!


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I really like yoga, but I am not sure it is ideal to help your lungs, since it is not very aerobic. That said it does wonders for your muscles and joints as you age, also it helps relieve stress which is important to overall health. Lastly, it does help with deep breathing which might help when taking other meds. Personally, I recommend any thing by Sara Ivanhoe. She keeps it pretty simple without all of the chanting stuff and odd music. She helps you focus on what is important. Just search for her name and Yoga. There are some videos on Youtube from various instructors including Sara Ivanhoe.


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I do yoga with my 6 yr old with CF. Her teacher focuses a lot on breath work. We do some thing called "fire breath" alot. Also there are some positions to help expand the lungs. Cobra I believe is one of them.


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Ponytails you should have her do a video. I've tried to find a good kids one for both breathing and relaxation anxiety. And nothing!


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In my experience, yoga is a wonderful tool for managing CF. And certain styles of yoga can indeed be an aerobic, heart-pounding, mucus-expectorating (lol) activity! The website www.myyogaonline.com has many different styles and videos to choose from. However if you are just starting out, I would try to find an experienced teacher who can lead you down the path that's best for you. One who is certified in (or at least familiar with) "Restorative" yoga would also be beneficial. Best of luck! :)


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Doyogawithme.com is a site that I seen on a forum. It could have been here I can't remember. It has free videos I believe. I planned on trying it but haven't yet.


I do yoga every Tuesday at my work. I believe it increases my lung capacity. I also believe it increases my endurance, strength, and reduces my stress level. All helpful things, CF or not :)


I just started doing Yoga very recently as an attempt to get some exercise without hitting the gym or swimming. I enjoy swimming, but here in Maryland it's been more winter lately than spring, so it's a bit rough to try to want to swim indoors and then freeze to death (also worried about getting sick) going out to my car and such... without ranting too much about wanting a pool that's heated - I'll say that Yoga for me is very nice. I have a roku (which hooks up to a tv) and found a free yoga channel that had an hour long yoga workout that was very helpful to me. The tricky part for me is the whole breathe in - breathe out parts, I find it that I breathe in about normally, but i have to actually try to breathe out slowly to attempt to follow their breathing patterns. I have found that doing it at home allows me to pause or take more breaths and labor my breathing intentionally which allows me to stop and cough up mucus or try to breathe more during the different positions. I find yoga to be a nice change from the average workout and am trying to incorporate it in my daily regimen. Hope this helps


Hey Jakari,
Yoga is a one of the best exercise for the body physique. It really help to control your breath, mean your lungs capacity will be increase on daily basis. It is also very helpful to gain more and more strength.


I have personally found yoga something that is simply amazing when it comes to health,Especially when we have things with our upper and lower body,Makes the blood flow better in the body and very useful when it comes to muscles betterment,Also good at joints wellness in the overall i must say that it a perfect exercising plan which has a very impressive result,If we make a proper routine and do it in a schedule.


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Yoga is really an ideal exercise for the fitness and health improvement.
I have started yoga exercise two week ago and I am feeling my health is 100 percent better than previous two week health. It boost my energy, improve my fitness level & body strength and also helped to control the stress and depression.


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I also doing yoga everyday for reducing stress. So many types of yoga like: Ashtanga and Power Yoga. After doing yoga you can Avoiding form stress. Stress is so much bad for health. So yoga so much important in our life.


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I've taught yoga since 2009. First, don't start with videos. If you go to a class, introduce yourself to the instructor and inform them that you're a rookie and you'll need all the help you can get, you will become more comfortable practicing yoga within 4-5 sessions than you would have doing videos at home for 4-5 months. After you get the fundamentals, videos are fine.

Second, if you want to focus on breath work, go to a class and ask the instructor before hand. It's called pranayama, and it's exactly what you are looking for. This you might be fine using videos for.

Beth F.

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I love the "Namaste" yoga DVD series by Kate Potter - they only last about 22 minutes each with warm up and cool down. Most of them are beginner level, with a few poses that can be considered intermediate. I also enjoy Melissa McLeod's videos on DoYogaWithMe.com. I have noticed a difference- especially if you really attempt to do the breathing with the exercises. I find yoga to be a great "off" day activity- while doing weight lifting and cardio activities on the "on" days.


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I recommend yoga to my patients. Not only good for muscles and joints, but can make a huge difference in balance.


Thanks for the link Beth. DoYogaWithMe.com looks really good!