What is a good gift to give to your friends.


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I have 6 friends and I really want to get them an awesome gift on holiday. I don't have much money but I don't want to send them a crappy card. We're all seniors in highschool and into gaming. Should I buy them a PS4? I'm serious. If you know any great gifts please tell me.


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The best gifts are the ones that are thoughtful, whether or not they cost anything. If you don't have much money, how about something creative related to gaming, such as: Figure out what everyone's favorite game is, do internet searches on "tricks" to win levels, or hard things, and create a really cool "Extreme Guide to X" for each friend that explains it, maybe screen captures and written instructions. OR if there is some on line "league" or something that is inexpensive or a magazine or something on gaming, sign them up as a for a one year membership. My best "inexpensive" present ever was a gift subscription to Real Simple Magazine! Every month I enjoy it and think of the in laws. Maybe something similar for gaming out there???


I always go out pick Pine off of trees, and then I get flowers and make Vases up and then I attache Red Bows they are beautiful and smell like a tree but most of all they look like you spent so much! You can use any kind of flower and mix it with the Pine and the red Bows make them look like they came from a flower shop Go to Good will for the vases and at the dollar store get the red Bows and a nice bunch of Flowers make it special! When Christmas is Over i get the bows on clearance for the next year! Have fun throw in any Gold berries or red ones I always have fun when I do something for someone else!