What is a good yoga workout?


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So I would like to start doing yoga for its health benefits. Whats a good yoga routine I can do? How often should I do it and could it help with increasing my lung capacity and strengthening my lungs?


I have had this pilates dvd for ages. It is very core focused in my opinion, and challenging and easy to follow, too.
I don't do it as often as I should because I prefer other activities, but I like the production quality of this, the price $8.99, and the intensity. My husband, who's at a healthy weight and jogs, tried it once and found it very difficult. I think my husband wished he could have blamed his difficulties on being a guy, but the instructor on the video is a guy--lol.

Edited to add: the guy focuses a lot on breathing, which is why I'm recommending it even though you're asking about yoga. If I breath correctly, it really makes a difference in whether I can do the moves and for how long I can do them. And of course, because of the twisting and sometimes inverted positions, I get some stagnant mucus moving.



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Lungs are most important parts for body, without it we can't live. So for protecting these things we are having one cheap and beat solution that is yoga. With this we can strengthening our lungs, early morning need to walk for 20 minutes, take deep breath and do some yoga which are related to the breath with nose.


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Rodney Yee's AM Yoga for Your Week is great. There are five 20 minute workouts that are geared towards a beginner. We do a different one each time. Love it!


Yoga is an excellent exercise for all ages, it has dual affect e,g physical and mental. There are many forms of yoga practice, but Bikram yoga is best for you. Yoga possess are best remedy for loosen up tight muscles. It helps in losing weight.
I thinks yoga is best exercise to control weight and it stretches your muscles to make you more flexible.There are different schools of yoga, based on different methods,.,.