What is your dream hospital?


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Having CF we can't avoid going in the hospital and since we've got to be there for so long it can get old really quick. What do you envision the hospital having to make the best stay for CFs? And how does it compare to what's at your current hospital?

I can't really say how things are for the CFs cause I just moved and honestly don't know. But I think what would make a great stay would be snacks, treadmill, DVD player, video game system, movies, small refrigerator, ect .....


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I go to the Brigham and Woman's Hospital in Boston. CF patients get a private room with refrigerator, microwave oven and TV. PT brings the treadmill daily. I bring my laptop so I can connect to the internet, play movies and games. I can't see how the medical staff could be any better, they are all outstanding now. My only wish is that they would improve the food service.



I go to Rainbow Babies University Hospital in Cleveland. It's really nice. I get a private room, with a fridge, TV (with all the channels!) and the room is like the size of a small suite with a huge window that you can actually see out of. It's amazing. CF patients get 2 $5 meal passes that are accepted at Einstein's Bagel's and Wolfgang Puck café they have. The food there is amazing. We are responsible for our own PT and there is a small gym on the floor we can use. The staff is wonderful and at night come around with leftover food from Einstein's for us or with really good treats (like a snickers ice cream bar).


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Wow, lucky to those who have fridges! As far as luxury items I would like to see bigger flat screen t.v.'s. In patient rooms. Also a more comfortable pull out chair for my family member to sleep on since I alwyas have someone with me. As Bill said definitely better food!

I'm a creative person so I would love to see painted walls and murals. Calming colors and mystical creatures, mermaids! As well as colorful hospital gowns instead of those boring plain ones.


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The Children's Hospital in MN had patients help design the rooms -- mini fridges, flat screen tvs, xbox for gaming and to watch dvds, clock radios with docking stations for mp3 players, pull out bed with storage for parents to stay with patient, rocker recliner which can also be used for sleeping, connectivity and area for laptop or tablets, also the "geek squad" has space on the main floor of the hospital and is able to help with technology or connectivity issues.


I go to Shadyside in Pittsburgh the best care my own room and the most important thing is the Doctor I think Dr Weinburgh he is smart and top notch for helping me get better and back home!