What is your favorite time of day?


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My favorite time of day has got to be the early early morning hours right as the sun comes up and morning's pretty good too. What're your favorite times of the day?


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Definitely bedtime. Kids tucked in safely for the night, chores all done, curled up on a heated mattress pad with a cozy comforter reading a great book with my sweetie right next to me. A snack of course, and some warm almond milk. So simple, but it's great. I can finally relax. I'm a big fan of sunsets too. :)


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I agree with bedtime for sure. Kids in bed, well the one...then waiting on last bottle for lil man. Imported_Momto2 your description sounds soooo relaxing :) I like to make a fire, get under a blanket on the sofa, crack the windows just a but for cool air to come in, and a hot toddy or something else warm to drink.


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My favorite time of day is 11:30 PM. I've always been a night owl. I watch The Tonight Show at 11:30 with a bunch of snacks :)