When will there be a cure for the Delta F508 mutation?


Cure? Never. Medication that manages your symptoms that you have to take for the rest of your life? Maybe in the next 20 years.


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Actually by early 2015 there will be one drug that will improve (6 - 10%) your lung function and by early 2017 likely another with even better improvement. And both will help with GI and other issues. And the science here is progressing exponentially because scientists now can make CF stem cells with ddf508 (and other mutations) to test the drugs to see what works and they now understand how the ddf508 gene misfunctions (which just 2 years ago they didn't fully understand) and they have shown they can fix the malfunctioning in vitro and some of it in patients. Within 10 years there will be pills that I believe will fully control CF. A cure--that might be 10 or 20 years as gene therapy and replacing the defective gene is always being studies. So for now keep yourself as healthy as can be so you benefit from these meds. Also, they are doing studies soon for those 6 and older who have ddf508 and if I were you I'd try to get in those ASAP b/c after 24 weeks of being possibly on placebo (or possibly on drug), you'll get the real drug for 96 weeks and that will be now and not in 2015 when approved. go to clinicaltrials.gov and search for vx809 to keep posted on the study OR call your CF center and ask how to get in studies.