Why are we all anonymous?


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Administrator, I hope we like this new forum. So many lung illness sites are changing and they are not that "user friendly" even after a length of time.Why are we all anonymous? I would like my name to appear.Can we get the email of the person who listed a comment? Sometimes I want to respond privately to a person as they have a question that needs to be approached in that manner.I am happy to put my name and email. JOanne Schumemail is: luckylungsforjo@aol.com


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Hi JOanne,Our new forums allow for both anonymous and non-anonymous postings. We like to give both options to our users. If you'd like to post non-anonymously, go to the our forums homepage located at <a target=new class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://forums.cysticfibrosis.com">forums.cysticfibrosis.com</a> and click on the "join" link on the top right of the page. Follow the instructions on joining. Once you have created your membership to the forum you can log in and post with the username you created during signup.To log in all you need to do is click the "Log In" link on the top right of the screen. You'll be asked to enter the username and password you created during signup. You may also give the forums the option to remember your login, which means you won't have to enter your login information again, the forums will automatically remember you each time you come.For users who don't wish to signup, you may leave your name and e-mail within your post if you choose to do so.Regards