Why is it relatively easier for me to gain weight vs other CFers?


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So I saw a post that said someone was surprised they gained 15 lb. in like 5 years or something and weighing the most they have in their life (which was a moderately low weight). For me, it's not that hard to gain weight, it's harder to gain weight for me than normal people, but it seems easier to gain weight than other CFers. Why is this? I'm 18 and I'm 5 foot 9 inches and I weigh 167 lb. I just gained 10 lb. in like 5-6 months.

Natasha Grandall

I weigh 92-95. It fluctuates. I was about 105 at one point, then all the sudden I lost weight and never gained it back. You might take digestive meds or booster or eat a lot of fatty food, It might simply be that you have little enzymes in your body to digest your food, unlike me, I have none! There are different gene mutations and some more sever than others. Do you work out or Active? You could be gaining muscle instead, and as everyone know, muscle weighs more than fat. Have you compared your self to other males. It could be ahrder for people due to the severity of the mutation! I hope this helps:) Have a great day!


I also don't find it difficult to gain weight with my CF, I'm from the UK and I weigh around 9st 13lbs/10st, which in KG's I think is around 63kg? I've gained about 10/11 pounds in the space of a year, which I think is evenly gained and I'm happy about it tbh! Although I do wish I could start working out and gain muscles instead haha.

That's great you can gain weight so easily, keep it up!!!, as it's such a shame most CFer's find it beyond difficult to keep their weight on. :)


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it all depends on your mutation pairing, John Hopkins has a web site with allot of the mutation pairings and their known effects but there are literally millions of possibilities so the pancreatic function varies with each different pairing making it easier or harder to gain weight for different individuals


Enzo, I think you've mentioned before that your lung function is high and lung disease relatively mild. That is likely a big factor. Severe infections and heavy doses of antibiotics can wreak havoc on a person's weight even when they have no digestive disease.