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Hey everyone,

I am brand new to this forum! I just got released from hospital after having a course of IV antibiotics. I have fallen off the band wagon for working out numerous times, however I know how important it is..

I am wondering what is a good work out routine that you found useful? I sometimes cough up blood, but I've been told this is sometimes typical.

I look forward to all your help and cant wait to read more on the forums.


Working out started being a problem for me as well. I started coughing up blood depending on the the activity. My doctor decided that nothing with impact, so running, jumping, bouncing...really anything where you land. Also I shouldn't lift more than a quarter of my weight. All of those things seemed to help reduce the bleeding episodes I washaving. I still had some streaking so she switched me from pulmozyme to hypertonic saline 7% a little over a year ago and I haven't had any bleeding since.
As far as if I work out now, not as much. But that is because I am being treated for m.absessus right now (and the coming 10 months). I have a port in and there is always tape on it, and as I am sure you know, sweating with tape on is just awful! ?
Before this though I was using an elliptical and if I did any lifting it wasn't so much the amount of weight but I did a lot more repetitions. And yoga isn't bad either, if you get a dvd for toning, which I did, it least I was sore the next day.
Hope this helps ?


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Just start with what you can actually do. Don't push yourself. Walks are great. Heck, just walk around the mall or something. Even if you gotta stop and catch your breath, moving is better than not moving. Also, look into pulmonary rehabilitation programs in your area. They can set up some low-impact workouts for you. When I went it was mostly just doing some light exercise on machines, some light lifting, and working on some breathing techniques.


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I use a treadmill for 20 minutes each workout. I walk at a fast pace and use the elevation to increase the intensity. I've always heard that cardio is good for bringing stuff up from your lungs as well as lung function. I also lift some weights and do some stretches. My entire workout is about an hour or so. I try to go five times a week.

I often have blood streaking and sometimes cough up a lot more. On two occasions, I've coughed up half a litre (2 cups) of blood. Once at the gym and once at home. In my case, I don't seem to see any pattern to it. It just comes on unexpectedly.


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As far as i think before starting working out you should consult with your physician or personal trainer.. They can guide you better than us.. But if you ask about my suggestion than i would say just starting walking and don't do anyother gym exercises
Hey. Glad you're out of the clink (as we used to call it!), and looking to work out! I've just started exercising again, and so far, so good. Sore, of course, but not bleeding. I got a health assessment at my new gym, and explained everything to the trainer. My doctor said to exercise a lot, the more the better. I do get nervous about bleeding (which I've done in the past), but I'm trying to give myself good rest days and not go in the warm swimming pool just after a hard workout (that caused bleeding once). Good luck! You can do it!