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So apparently I did not know this before I went to school but you cannot be a healthcare provider with Cf working on other CF patients..
I am a respiratory therapist.


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Oh my. Did you really think you would be able to work on other CF patients with CF? Maybe it is different now, but from day 1 our clinic talks about cross-infection and the need to not have contact between CF patients. I'm surprised, though, no one at the school would have mention that as well. I'm assuming they knew you had CF? Maybe something behind the seens at a medical equipment company would fit with your training?


Sorry to hear that. Also, shocked to hear nobody at your clinic or any of your classes said anything. 23 years ago when I was considering options for a career I considered the medical field, and the first thing my clinic at the time told me was that I would be very limited to the fieldsI could work in. several of my friends went to nursing school, but they knew that they would only be able to work in certain areas as well. I certainly hopethings work out for you.

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In my opinion, this is most likely not accurate. It's more likely to be a restriction by an employer for them to avoid law suits. There are lots of nurses out there that have CF, and a couple of Docs have been mentioned too. Whether they work with CF patients or not, as a health care provider they are susceptible to air borne illness more than a 'healthy' coworker. Cross contamination comes into play when you attempt to deal with the CF clinics. With an estimated 30,000 + cases, the likelyhood of you working on a CF patient should be low (unless you work in a hospital that hosts a clinic.) Discuss it with potential employers and suggest that if the patient does have CF, that they can work out another RT working with that particular patient. I'd wager it's more about the realization that you could get infected than it actually is about cross contamination.

In any case, tell them to put it in writing. Unless they can demonstrate that it is a policy that they have, they can't just tell you this! This is my humble opinion, only, take it for what value it may have.