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Go for it, its done wonders for my upper back, granted its still a mess, but a much better one then it was.


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Yoga is one of best natural treatment and at the same time, effective. I do yoga almost everyday, well we can do yoga anywhere we want as long as we are comfortable. What I like the most, is to do yoga where I can see and feel the nature at the same time. Matching with yoga musics, it would be perfect.


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Yoga is one type of pill or medicine for any type of diseases and problems, with this we can get the good health. Daily we have to wake up at early and go for walking or running, after that we need to do yoga. Which gives the relaxation from all type tensions and stress, with this we can live long life.


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Gnani Yoga? Hatha Yoga? Raja Yoga? This isn't a flip set of questions but Yoga isn't Jazzercise and what passes for Yoga today popularly has little bearing on classical teachings of Yoga. If I can recommend Yoga for CFers, I would introduce you all to Raja Yoga. I meditate. While I am meditating, I bring the temperature up in my heart and lungs. After some practice I am able to "send" messages to my lungs and abdomen for calm and some thin mucus to losen things up. It works like you can't imagine. But it takes work. Gnani Yoga is a great way to open your spirit to the larger world. It can make prayers more powerful and the receipt of grace much easier.



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I've started doing Bikram "Hot"'s a 1.5 hour class in 105 degree helps with my joint pain. But I only do it once per week to avoid losing too much weight.


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I used to go for yoga 6 months before. It helps us to feel healthy and to keep mind fresh. Physical postures of yoga are used to alleviate health problems, reduce stress.


There are already post nice and informative advantages. According to me yoga is basically exercise for increase your stamina. It's also make practice of you to concentrate on a specific point. Some time yoga is helpful and after do it you feel very relax and comfortable. In India, People said that yoga is spiritual exercise.



I feel more relaxed, with longer, leaner, muscles and better flexibility with better controlled deep breathing. I learned to better control your breathing, and were far more relaxed because of the deep breathing required to do yoga. I learned to control your muscles thereby making them leaner, and this increased.


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Yoga is a very good exercise for the physical fitness and mental health.
I am doing it on regular basis in my routine workout. It helped me to control my stress, and depression. It also helped me to reduce my unnecessary weight and enhance my fitness level.