Help with Sinuses. Recommendations needed to break up sinus junk!


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I've had about 5 sinus surgeries in my life and cannot take anymore cutting, have "empty nose syndrome" due to the many surgeries. I just had balloon sinuplasty done in-office as well as steroid implants (they last about 2 months) put into my sinuses. The implants are just tiny blue balls that are far more effective than nosesprays. So far i'm feeling pretty good. I also do a rinse twice a day that is saline, gentamycin, budesonide, baby shampoo (was very hesitant about this at first and refused it for years but it has really helped)

Good luck and best wishes!


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Hi Ms. Rowan. Can you tell us what the sinus implants are called? I am familiar with the cage like structures that dissolve over time (the Propel implant) but not tiny blue balls! Sounds like another weapon in the arsenal against polyps and sinusitis. We'd love to hear about it.