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<div class="FTQUOTE"><begin quote><i>Originally posted by: <b>dasjsmum</b></i> HI Frank 'People like me?' what do you mean? Actually, I am not making any assumptions, I am speaking about what I am reading on this forum. If there was more information that you sourced from somewhere else regarding that lady you should have shared publically and informed her of where you received the information from publically. Regardless of where the information was posted regarding that lady, you publically breached her privacy. Besides, what were you thinking doing a search on her? In the position of power as a moderator you have no right to be seeking background information regarding anyone who accesses this forum, and should always act with the utmost integrity.</end quote>
Yep, people who like make assumptions that is. How isn't you aren't assuming whenever you claimed I was<strong> "with regards to posting information from PMs...I draw your attention to the locked thread titled 'really scared' on the Families forum (second page). Frank divulges private information regarding the individual OP and her son which the OP has not mentioned in her coments." </strong>So right here you were assuming I was putting information from PMs out there? Which is incorrect.

You assumed that I did not talk to the OP. Which I did.

The thread was locked because she asked for it to be locked.

Yet you say you don't assume???

How exactly do you Publically breach PUBLIC information? I can use google whenever I want Administrator or not. It is PUBLIC information. If you don't want something in a PUBLIC place then don't put it in PUBLIC. Further more we were talking about a 17 month old CHILD if I remember right. There is nothing private about PUBLIC information that can be found on Google. I've Googled many people I do it all the time. I just Googled you right now. As a poster above says people leave a digital trail. If you don't want to have things out there that you don't want anyone to know then don't do it to begin with. You can Google my name "Incomudrox" and you'll find countless websites and traces I have left since I started using this name over 10 years ago. I don't care because it's public information. There is nothing anywhere that says I can't anywhere ever.
Furthermore in the EMAILS that you ASSUMED I was not having with the OP. I explained to her where it was found which was another ASSUMTION that I did not explain to the OP.


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All this mud-slinging. I realize it's an election year, but geez. Anyone should know that when you post anything on the internet, it's public.

Within this thread we have seen a PM of mine made public and other users have stated that they have had their PM's read by admin. I'm curious as to why you continue to point fingers at Frank and I. Unless it's that you have a personal vendetta and wish to stir the pot, I don't see the point.

If, in fact, you had taken such an issue with this particular incident why did you not approach one of us at that time? Frank saw the information you are referring to on another public forum and asked a question. The OP of that thread became paranoid and asked that the thread be locked, which I did. End of story. No information was gleaned from any PM.

None of these topics concern you. Furthermore, every time somebody posts something here it only attracts more attention to the issue and continues this finger pointing and assumption based accusations. I pity anyone looking for actual information out there and stumbling on this mess.

Therefore, I am officially calling for a cease and desist. Again, I reiterate to any of the mods or admin on here to either lock or remove the thread, so this childishness doesn't continue (and before you put words in my mouth, my intention of posting my departure was for the people who I knew would want to reconnect with me later). I think we got through a couple of pages of well wishes before people started getting nasty and for that I am grateful.

Now forget about all this crap and go do something constructive.

My apologies to everyone for this mess. I wish you all health and happiness.



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Per request of the original poster I am locking this thread. The thread has run its course and now is just going in circles or rehashing what has already been stated. Thank you everyone for your constructive discussion.
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