Medical Marijuana as an Addition to Modern Medicine


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After some research, I believe that Medical Marijuana's benefits far out way the risks. There are multiple alternatives to the typical instruments used to smoke marijuana, such as Vaporizing. Vaporizing uses convection heating to heat the air in a device to such a high temperature that it 'vaporizes' the marijuana plant, therefore, releasing its cannabinoids including THC (the psychoactive chemical of the plant), CBD & CBN (non-psychoactive chemicals of the plant), into a plastic type balloon or a medical grade plastic 'whip'.

Because of the state's decision to legalize of Medical Marijuana, it can be monitored as well as tested, so that way it's a lot safer and you know what you're getting vs getting it off the local drug dealer. Medical Marijuana has proved to be a great drug to use for those ridden with AIDS or Cancer patients going through chemo-therapy, but what about Cystic Fibrosis? There are multiple ways to consume Medical Marijuana in place of the dangerous smoking instruments, making it safer ant d healthier on the lungs. Theres vaporizing, theres a substance called 'Wax' that is a Marijuana Concentrate made by Butane or CO2, and of course, there is the obvious way of using it in cooking and eating it.

No matter what, if the plant combusts its unhealthy on the lungs, and all the above mentioned techniques eliminate the combustion of the plant material. Consuming through a vaporizer involves no smoke, instead, the cannabinoids, while Concentrates are used in a 'vaporizer pen', and Wax is essentially melted to such a high temperature it steams and turns into vapor.

What do you think about people with Cystic Fibrosis using Medical Marijuana to relieve daily issues with anxiety, joint pain, better breathing, an appetite enhancer, etc. ??? Would you personally make the decision to use Medical Marijuana, if so or if not, why? If your child went to you with the idea of using Medical Marijuana would you consider it, and if you say no or yes, what made you make that decision? What is your stance on Medical Marijuana in addition to have CF?


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I will sadly agree, specially because of the weight issue, and his frequent migraines...constant abdominal pain and several bouts of pancreatic pain ending in lengthy hospitalizations..Yes I will....


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I strongly believe in the benefits of marijuana with contained and regimented use. It is a substance that can get out of hand if used improperly but the medical benefits of the plant are so extreme and directly aimed at many of the symptoms of CF. I personally advocate for studies with medical marijuana in the CF community. Ive experienced the benefits of it as an expectorant, a bronchodilator, anti inflammatory, increased appetite, reduced stress, helping with insomnia and an anti depressant. All of these symptoms I've had separate pharmaceutical prescriptions for that had worse side effects than what I was being treated for. That being said, marijuana is not for everyone. Tobi is not for everyone. Azythromiacin is not for everyone. Just because it has medical benefits doesn't mean that it will treat everything for everyone, although it can do a lot for a lot of people. I'm really happy that this is being looked into more lately and being in California I do plan on getting my medical card AFTER I talk with my pulmonalogist, dietitian, endocrinologist, and other team members at my CF clinic. The bottom line is that I think it is right for me and if I can benefit from it in a place where it is legal then I am absolutely for it. Then again, I wouldn't be giving a pot cookie to a 9 year old because she doesn't want to eat her dinner. Plant or no plant, THC is and will always be a psychoactive chemical that activates certain cannabanoids in our brain and doing so without the brain being developed properly then it does pose some questions concerning brain development and growth but I'm in no position to answer those questions let alone know the right ones to ask. All in all I say yes. The benefits several outweigh the risks if you chose the right ingestion method whether it be vaporizing, dabs, edibles, thc pills, oils, creams, drops, CBD extract or any other way of getting the healing properties into the body while keeping your lungs safe and healthy. If you use it responsibly, you'll get responsible results. <3


We are in Toronto and my daughter has been given medical marijuana to help her with her GI issues - which include extreme nausea and vomiting as well as severe abdominal pain - although it does not do much for the pain - she did find it slightly helpful at first but we are trying to find the right dosage because the dose that was prescribed for her just gets her really high and after a while it did not seem to really help with her issues. She was taking it in pill form, so I'm wondering if anyone has taken it in the vaporized form and if it worked any better. I truly believe that if there is anything out there to help anyone who is suffering that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and hopefully this will be legalized everywhere very soon.