Who are you in a nut shell


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who are you

My name is Steve
I'm 20
I live in New Jersey
I weigh about 160 lbs. and am 6ft
I write obnoxious blogs
I study music education
I love to write
I have a beautiful girlfriend who might actually want to stick it out with me
I have become involved in Great Strides (thanks to girl above)
I love chicken w/ extra salt
I'd eat chunks of salt if it didn't burn my tongue
I've had salt eating competitions at the late night hall at school and am undefeated
I am liberal but appreciate a different point of view that has been studied and thoughtfully arrived at
I am atheist
I wish I was a better person
I wish I didn't always feel so inadequate
(me) <-that's me in a nutshell


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who are you

My name is Blake

Blake is my middle name

I'm a guy

I'll be 21 June 2nd (woo!)

I grew up in Tennessee

My doctors at Vanderbilt (Nashville TN) are AMAZING

TN insurance (TennCare) is the most HORRIBLE program in existance

I have been staying in Arizona for the past three months for work/education, I really love the area here, but REALLY don't like the people here (no offense David)
I will soon be moving to California for insurance purposes

I was dx (diagnosed) from day 1 (my older brother had CF)

I weigh 180 pounds, and am 5'11

My PFT's are currently 115, I've gotten them as high as almost 130

Up until last September I was a professional dancer / actor in musical theatre

I used to be VERY fit and muscular, but sadly that has changed ever since I stopped dancing

I have been to 8 different countries

I want a wife and kids more than just about anything

I am too afraid of the results to get tested

I am very afraid of diabetes

I have a dog back in TN and I miss him very very much

I LOVE Steak and Chinese... and Teryaki suace... and Chik-Fil-A

I'm addicted to Chocolate Pudding and Chocolate milk, but I don't like plain chocolate

I eat more cereal than anyone I've ever met in my entire life

I take 10 Creon20 capsules with each meal

I think that the Creon "More EXTRA Helpings" program is the best thing ever

I LOVE freaking people out by taking all of my pills and vids in one swallow

I grew up in the south but there's nothing that bugs me more than horrible grammar

I am a Christian, but I am deathly tired of religion

I'm either very distant and thoughtful, or very funny and the life of the party

I'm hardly ever angry, and very kind hearted

I really wish I could control when to be thoughtful and when to be funny

I am very ashamed to say it, but I'm ADDICTED to myspace

I very rarely talk about my CF because I don't like when people pity me or give me special treatment due to my health

When I start typing something out, I don't stop, and it always comes out three pages longer than needed.

I have never met anyone with CF other than my brother, so I would love to talk if anyone so desired.

AIM: Lance2020x


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who are you

Originally posted by: kbn

I'm Kim

41 years old, diagnosed at 19 after years of misdiagnosis

Df508 and 2789 G->A

I live in MA north of Boston

I'm 5'10" and weigh 145

PFTs in the 40s

Married with a 16 1/2 year-old son (no CF) and 3 cats

No longer working but volunteer

Exercise regularly, do yoga

Love to read, cook, eat, sew, knit, travel and garden

I don't post often -- those of you who know me are probably shocked that i am now!

I had to pick myself up off the floor Kimmie! LMAO....


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who are you

My name is Melissa

I am 38 from NY State. Dx @ 7 after crapping my brains out for years with no answers from allergy testing.
I stand 5' 3" & weigh 115lbs. I have DDF508; FEV1 36%
I am married with an 8 3/4 year old daughter. We have 1 dog, 1 cat, 4 parakeets & 1 fish.
I enjoy music & dancing as well as a good laugh.
I am very outspoken regarding my health & helping others, but need work on standing up for myself in areas outside of CF.
I have 3 bros, 3 sis, 4 nieces, 5 nephews, 1 great niece & 1 great nephew.
I had to stop work in 2000. Never learned how to balance motherhood, wifehood & employment while taking care of myself.

Thats it...for more insite see my blog!


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who are you

hello everyone!!!!!!!!! my name is nicola
im 21 years of age
im from sunny England, a place called Wigan,Greater Manchester.
i was diagnosed when i was afew weeks old. iwas tested because my mothers sister had cf, so it ran in the family.
i have a boyfriend called Mike, who i have been with for 4years now.
i have a fantastic sister who is 23,who is pregnant. she is due in 5days, cant wait!!!!!!!
i love to go clubbing with friends most weekends and having cosy nights in with mike.
i have never been able to work unfortunately
im a very emotional person and i get upset easily. which isnt a bad thing, because it makes me very caring. if anyone would like to chat or ask a question, please feel free to send a message. xxxxxxxxxx<img src="i/expressions/heart.gif" border="0">


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who are you

For anyone new..

My name Jennifer
I'm a girl
I'm 34
I live in NJ
I was dx (diagnosed) at 29 years old, after years of being tested for TB and HIV I my pancreas finally went south.. and a wonderful amazing doctor in NYC linked my cough with my tummy issues.
I weigh around way to much and I have 5'2 1/2 and shrinking by the day from steorid use and bone loss
My PFT's are better then most ppl who DON"T have CF
I work as an Emergency Room Registered Nurse since May of this year. before that I was a Daycare Teacher and a Day Care Director.....
I have a thing for making people feel loved and I am passionate about the people I love...
I have a thing for feeling loved... Their is no better feeling in all the world to me
I'm single and inpatiently waiting.......
I don't like dogs or cats or anything that sheds or makes a mess besides for babies, I don't like being in pain, sickness or when I am way to afraid of what other people think of me....I don't like to live in fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop, though I usually do. I don't like to be told that I can't do something because of my health..The thing I don't like the most is when a doctor can't figure out what is wrong with you he blames the patient...instead of admiting he doesn't know...
I like when people are compassionate toward one another and when I see someone smile. I like to be around my friends and people that love me. I like when people don't pretend to be better then others.. no matter what.


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who are you

Originally posted by: littledebbie

My name is Christian

I'm a lady

I'm 24

I live in NJ

I was dx (diagnosed) at 1.5 yrs old

I weigh 136 lbs and I am 5'3" (I am pregnant)

My PFT's are good-fev1, 75%.

I have 8 brothers and sisters-1 blood sibling, the rest are biologically my cousins, (I was adopted by my aunt) ,myself and another 2nd cousin are the only ones with Cf.

I own my own home and love decorating/interior design.

I recently got pregnant after a lot of planning and I'm going to be a stay at home mom.

I have a thing for shoes too-mostly UGGs, and boxers (dogs), and for traveling-I've been around the world.

I'm happily married.

I like dogs not cats, again-boxers.

I like Mexican food, pasta and anything salty-chips, popcorn...ah..

I'm very proactive about my cf care, very into natural supplements and nutrition.

I love decorating, party planning, and making cakes-my favorite movie channel is the Food Network. I love the cake contests! I've made fondant cakes for baby and bridal showers and other parties.

Spirituality and faith is a very important part of my life.

Both of my biological parents are currently in prison-So if you come from a bad place don't ever think you can't overcome it and live a normal life. B/c other than my Cf-my life is pretty DARN GOOD!!!!!!

and thats all I got I guess.....Peace to everyone!!!


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who are you

"Favorite foods: A good cheesy pizza " .... ooooooo REAL NY PIZZA .... ooooooooo I miss that. Used to get a good pie down on rt. 52.

They don't even know what 'pie' is out here. Finally got a real new yorker who opened pizzaria's out here, but, the food is different. The ingrediants aren't the same quality as back east. oh well. good with the bad.


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who are you

My name is Amanda
I live in Shamokin Pennsylvania
I'm 20 years old.
I was dx at 5 years old after being told it was asthma or a brain surgery(I was hours from being operated on when my mom told them she wanted a 2nd opinion)
I have a dog who means the world to me.
My dad had a kidney transplant almost 5 years ago...it was the hardest thing I've ever went through in my life.
I now have the same kidney disease.
I have CFRD.
I have a new baby cousin, I love him like he's my own.
My boyfriend recently broke up with me after 5 years.
I'm in college and have no idea what I want to do with my life.
my pfts are around 40%


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who are you

For the newbies...

</br>My name is Lisa

</br>I'm of the female gender

</br>I'll be 21 Feb. 20th

</br>I live in FL

</br>I was diagnosed at three months

</br>I weigh 126 lbs., and I'm 5'2"

</br>I am recieving SSI and Medicaid

</br>I am an artist of the digital medium

</br>I'm a writer (not published...yet!)

</br>I love video games and anime (good anime, that is)

</br>I'm pretty much married to my lover of nearly 6 years

</br>I love cats

</br>I am a neat freak

</br>I'm sarcastic and believe in giving it to you straight up, no sugar-coating

That's about all she wrote, folks!


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who are you in a nut shell

My name is Emily
I'm a girl
I'm almost 25
I live in Detroit..trying to move to NYC in the next few months
I was dx (diagnosed) at 18months ~after a failure to thrive diag.
I weigh around 128 lbs, and I'm 5'2.75
My PFT's today were at 68-70..not too bad if you ask me..thanks to all that running
I recently drank a jug of Golytely..let me tell you..not going very lightly..hold on be right back..
I have a thing for shoes, tattoos, rock and roll and good pizza
I have a thing for chocolate milk, chocolate pudding, cereal, whole wheat stuff, fruit and veggies
I'm single..(that just looks ridiculus under all the fun stuff above)
I like playing guitar hero, guitar and drums
I like soft serve vanilla, sushi, Vans, converse, cowboy shirts and jeans
I'm super crazy, fun, adhd

Umm Blake..we are weirdly alike..maybe you are my boy twin...mainly about the pudding, chocolate milk, cereal and musical theatre stuff..the life of the party and the myspace addict.


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who are you in a nut shell

Oh fun game! I wanna play!!!


I am:
23 years old
Engaged to Mike
CFer, dx at 2 days (meconium ileus)
MRSA, pseudomonas
Port owner
Delta F508 and 1898+1G>A
Politically left wing / liberal
A ferret mommy!
Daughter, sister (and daughter-in-law and sister-in-law)
Fan of sign language
Addicted to salt
Pizza hound
Allie's stalker
A dork!

A few I forgot:
Ahava's auntie!
B*tchy (though often amusingly so)


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who are you in a nut shell

my name is kylie
im female of course
im 23
i live in australia
im single. hi boys!
diagnosed close to birth
i weigh 63 kgs and im 6'
if anyone is intimidated by my height, talk to the boobs
pfts are anywhere from 35 to 50
i have a dog and cat
i like them more than you
if you dont like them, i dont like you
i like shopping
i like fashion
i need a sugardaddy to support the above 2
i want to be a vet nurse
i wanted to be a vet but heartless people prevented me from doing so


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who are you in a nut shell

i have a dog and cat
i like them more than you
if you dont like them, i dont like you

*gigglesnort* This made me chuckle. It's such a Kylie thing to say. :D


who are you

My name is Allisa.
I just turned 36 on January 7th.
I am 5'2 1/2" and weigh about 138.
I was diagnosed at age 3 due to prolapsed rectum (fun-fun).
I live in Illinois.
I have a sister that also has cf (julie61554 posts sometimes) and I have a brother with no cf. I have 3 nephews (my sister had one child naturally and the other is her step-son that she adopted and 1 nephew from my brother).
I have been happily married to a great guy for 10 years.
No children (I think I lack the "motherly gene")
My FEV1 ranges from high 40's to high 50's.
I also have the pancreas problems that go along with cf (probably not as bad as some). I take 3 Ultrase MT12 pills with meals.
I used to work full-time up until 2003 - I now work part-time.
We have 2 dogs, 5 cats, and fish.
I am a home-body. I do not like to travel.
I like scrapbooking.
I love to eat, especially chinese food and pizza (although pizza doesn't love me).
I am a Christian.
I enjoy talking/visiting my family and friends.
Hate needles!


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who are you

Originally posted by: dbtoo

"Favorite foods: A good cheesy pizza " .... ooooooo REAL NY PIZZA .... ooooooooo I miss that. Used to get a good pie down on rt. 52.

They don't even know what 'pie' is out here. Finally got a real new yorker who opened pizzaria's out here, but, the food is different. The ingrediants aren't the same quality as back east. oh well. good with the bad.

Route 52 in what town? Just curious as Route 52 runs thru my town!


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who are you

My Name is Caren
female of course!
34 yrs old
Live in Missouri
5'1/2" and wiegh 108
I'm a CHristian
double Delta 508
usually grow MRSA, pseduoomonas with some weird ones thrown in sometimes
I love Candles, (just ask....it's nothing kinky LOL)
I love to Beads, makeing jewelry
I'm divorced
No kids, although I love them, I have one nece and one nephew by my brother and one niece and one nephew ( iused to watch theses kids and claim them as niece and nephew)
I love to read
Like to keep my apartment clean, (except the spare bedroom is a mess!)
ANy other questions? Just ask


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who are you

My name is Liza
I'm 40
I live in ND
Our son was diagnosed shortly after he was born due to Meconium Illeus.
He's above the 50th percentile for height & weight, though his daycare director thinks he's tall for his age.
He goes to preschool, swimming lessons, gymnastics and is a very busy guy.
I'm a City Planner
Love watching College Hockey (Go Sioux)
Like reading, cooking, watching scary movies.
Looking at adopting a basset hound since our 13 year old one died last Fall.


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who are you

hi my name is Amanda, I have 4 children
Breanna w/cf ddf508- found out by cronic. villi. sampling-durning pregenecy
Brandon-being tested 3yrs.old
Nathen w/cf no longer w/me also had autism
I live in Georgia
Woman-of corse
25 years old
married- to Randee 32- wonderfull man
Breanna will be 1 on Feb 6
two hosp. stays so far not 100% because of her cf
12 month check up on Jan29-Hopeing for good things!
Nathen was dig. at 5 1/2 months w/ failer to thrive, pa, foul green stools, very delayed in his milestones due to being so sick. found out by sweet test


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who are you

My name is lizzie

I am 23

i live in the UK in manchester

I am double delta F508

my pfts are usually in the 60s (fev1)

i am doing a phd studying pre-eclampsia (a pregnancy disease)

i have a twin with cf, and two other sisters not even carriers

i have a nephew and a neice and a bump on the way from other sister

i was diagnosed at 6 weeks - nasty nappies

i recently spent time in the USA :)

i am 5ft 1 and a bit, and 100lbs (overnight feeding has been mentioned grrrr)

i hate food

i have no common sense (except when it comes to cf)

I thought a shrew was a bird and ecquador was a city in spain

i'm ALWAYS on msn, even though i should be working ;-)

i'm always on myspace and facebook (i do have a life really!!)

My family are amazing and i have friends all over whom i love

i belive my clinic in manchester, UK is the best (and i've been to a few)

i am not religious in anyway

i have a filthy mind ;-)

undergraduate university life is the best

i have written an article for CF talk - a UK adult CF mag

My experiences with men have been heartbreaking yet i remain optomistic

That's it for now