Who are you in a nut shell


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who are you

My name is Barbara
I'm a woman
I'm 40
I am 5'2" and weigh 108
I was diagnosed at birth w/CF and meconium ilieus -- older sister had both as well
I was diagnosed with CFRD at age 13
My lungs are not so bad for 40, but could always be better
I've no allergies
I live in northern CA
I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers and love to talk about my great family
I work full time as an administrative assistant for a med center
I am single and live alone
I have no pets, but really like little little dogs
I have not had dairy products for 13 years, and have replaced it with soy
I love pizza and raspberry jelly donuts (not at the same time tho)
I relocated from NJ to CA 2 years ago



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who are you

My name is Vanessa im not new but i havent been on in forever!
I'm a girl
I'm 22
I live in TX
I was dx (diagnosed) at Birth
I weigh around 109 and im 5'1
My PFT's are in the 90's
I have a son named Eli he is 11months
I have a thing for my hubby
I love Art and playing my xbox-360
I'm Married
I have 2 dogs
I like Reading and watching horror films
I'm Caring,Goofy,Daring...
Luv meeting other with CF


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who are you

my name is ory
i'm 37 y/o
dx at 3 weeks
live in Texas and proud of it
weigh fluctuates @ 173 - 180
i'm 6'1
my most recent pfts were in the mid 30's
worked manual labour job till i was 28
don't work now
i play guitar sing and write music
i'm a living room legend
i am a christian
i have afew virtues and many vices
i love heavy metal but i cant stand the lyrical tripe that spews from many of the bands
i am a homebody
I too confess my addiction to spending way to much hrs on this damn computer
i like to workout
my favorite super hero is Thor
i put teriyaki marinade on just bout any hot meal
I feel empowered by afternoon thunderstorms
i never took that much of an interest in the demon that resides within
(my affectionate name for cf) so this is all relatively new to me


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who are you

Cool thread!
My name is Jean
I'm a girl
age 36
weight private (hopefully dropping)
daughter (age 13) dx last year
Married for 10 years to Phillip
3 daughters ages 3, 9, 13
full time college student (studying cardiac sonography)
part time bourbon host at Heaven Hill distillery
love to read and talk
hate to exersize
have a dog, sweetie, jack russel and corgi mix
have 3 goldfish and a beta named captain momo
have 3 stray cats that I feed instead of feeding mice
I am a Christian
love to help others and can't get enough friends!!!
Hope to some day change the world for the better, not sure how yet, still working on it.


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who are you

forgot to add that I live in Bardstown, Kentucky. Have lived here all my life and love it here.


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who are you

My name is Rita. I don´t hava CF, but my boyfriend Marcos does.
We are from Spain.
I am 32 years old and Marcos is 35.
He was diagnosed two months ago. First sweat test negative. Second positive (67).
Deltha 508, we don´t know de second mutation but are trying to find out.
He is 1.72 m and 77 kilograms.
FEV 95. Staphylococcus aureus, sensible to every drug, in sputum.
He had some cough since he was little. They thought it was due to allergies.
Never hospitalized and he didn´t take antibiotics for the last 15 years.
I am a pediatrician (and was the one who suspected his persistent cough and some sinus problems ,when he was little, could be related to CF, although it took me two years....:(
He is an engineer (i´m not sure how to spell it)
We really enjoy traveling. We are thinking about going to vietnam this year.
We like "spanish omlette" and pizza.
We are living together since january and it´s going great!


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who are you

Hmm where to start!

My name is Bree
I'm 21, will be 22
I'm a virgo
I'm female
My FEV1 is 27%
I am going into my 3rd year of university in the fall
I'm 5'0, 90lbs
I don't have CF but Bronchiectasis
I have Bronchiectasis as a result of being born with no immune system, a disease called SCID aka Bubble Boy disease
I have 2 cats
I live in Ontario, Canada
I'm working in an office this summer
I just realized i'm late for work...


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who are you

My name is rebekah
I'm a girl (duh)
I'm 22 years old
Live in SC
5'3 and not telling my weight
was diagnosed with CF at age 16 after a life of lung and GI issues that were misdiagnosed
I'm a christian
I want to go back to school to be a LVT
I love animals
I have 2 cats and 2 dogs
I am single and intend to stay that way
I don't want kids and wouldn't even if I didn't have CF
My favorite food is pizza
I'm a salt addict
I have one DF508 and one yet to be identified mutation
I am currently not working
CF isn't my only health issue
I love to read
I watch too much TV


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who are you

My name is Caren ( also go by Carrie)
I'm 35
I live in St. Louis, MO
I was Diagnosed at 2 mos of age (due to my sister passing away from Cf at 2 yrs old) ( I have ne brother 8 yrs older than me who does not have CF)
I have double D508
I love dogs
I enjoy making jewelry, reading, crochet, being on the computer, being with friends and family.
I sell Candles.
My fev1 is usually in the 50's, sometimes after iv's they will be in the low 60's.
I love the ocean.
I enjoy meeting other cf'ers and getting to know them.
I love seafood,thin crust pizza, bbq'd chicken.
Enjoy watching soap operas.
Enjoy watching my niece and nephew play sports.
Enjoy being in the sun, but could do without the humididity in MO!


who are you in a nut shell

My name is Jenica.
I'm mom to two great little girls.
Abby is almost three and a half, and does not have CF.
Ellie will be two beginning of September and was diagnosed with CF in utero (via CVS).
I'm 31, have been married for almost seven years, and have been a stay-at-home mom since Abby was born.
Before that, I worked for a private bank as a systems analyst, then as a programmer. Geeky, geeky, geeky, but I really liked it!
I grew up in Oregon, but came back east when I started transferred college my sophomore year.
I never meant to stay, but met a great guy at Babson, got a job after I graduated, married that great guy, bought a house, then one day realized I was a resident.
(It was a sad day turning in my Oregon drivers license though)
Ellie is a very silly little thing, who will use just about any excuse to laugh.
She also has a wicked temper. Hysterical at 6 months old, not so much now (although I do have to hide my face to keep from laughing every so often).
Ellie is now 22 pounds; had a terrific 2-lb gain last appointment. She hasn't had any illnesses, but cultures staph from time-to-time.
I joined this site when we first found about Ellie, back in March of 2005, and have learned SO MUCH here.


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who are you

amazing this post has gotten so many responces in such a short amount of time. we cfers must really be dying to talk about ourselves! ;)

My name is laura
I'm 28
I live in north carolina
I was dx (diagnosed) at 3 years old when i had pnemonia that wasn't responding to conventional treatment.
I weigh around 135 lbs and i'm 5'4"
My PFT's usually run in the 50s
I am a newspaper correspondent part time
I have a thing for animals and the environment
I'm single but live with a great guy...
I have 2 dogs, 3 cats and a bunny
I like sweet things
I like to question things and play the middle woman


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who are you

Thanks Deb. I must have missed this the first time around. I have to copy this entire thread to my documents for future reference.

Ok, here's me, briefly


Age hmmmm, mental or physical? so, 28 and 48

Massachusetts (South Shore near Plymouth)

Married 23 years to an environmental planner who is also a good hub and dad

Two boys with CF. Josh DX at 2 months for FFT- Jesse via amnio

They have DF508 and G542X

They are mostly doing ok after being treated for an a-typical bacteria

I do whatever I have to do to keep my boy healthy and to keep their lives rich and as normal as possible.

Been a high school art teacher for 23 years

I love the beach/ocean any time of year, weather or time of day

Nice to meet you all


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who are you in a nut shell

My name is Jessi. I'm a 25 year old woman and I live in the Seattle area and I love it here! I'm married to Brian who is 35, in the navy, been cancer free for a little over a year, and struggles with depression. I was diagnosed at birth because my older brother also has CF. My PFTs are ok right now, actually I don't have a real good idea of where they are. The last couple were effected by pleurisy and back pain. I am mom to FIVE cats (my goodness!). I work at a check cashing/payday loan company, its ok, but the benefits are fabulous!


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who are you

My name is Haley
I'm a girl
I'm 24, will be 25 on September 4th
I live in Southwest Louisiana
I was diagnosed at 16 months, i guess failure to thrive
I am 21 weeks pregnant and weigh 124 lbs - I'm having a little girl
I usually weigh i usually weigh 118 and i'm 5 foot
My FEV1 is in the 70%-80% - fuctuating right now due to pregnancy
I work full time and have a four year BS in Business Management
Graduated high school in May 2000
Graduated college in May 2004
I love the outdoors
I live practically in a rice field
I could eat boiled shrimp, crabs or crawfish everyday
My fiance has crawfish farms-yeah, free crawfish!!!!
I'm getting married March 29, 2008
I don't take enzymes, stopeed taking them around age 11
I'm on Zithromax, Advair, Pulmozyme, Albutoral Puffer, Vitamax
I do acapella for airway clearance
I have one older sister who does not have cf. Her carrier status in unknown.
There was no prior history of cf in my family.
I know one of my mutations is DF508 not sure if I have any others
I like dogs.
I love marchino cherries and cherry coke.
Fall is my favorite seasons


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who are you

My name is Liz
42yrs young
Mom of 2 girls the oldest megs has CF
Live in Ontario, Canada
Married 24 yrs to my highschool sweetheart.
megs was dx at 11 months, failure to thrive
I love my dog and cat, there my babies now that my girls are getting older.
I work the night shift at a nursing home.
Spring and fall are my favourite seasons


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who are you

My name is Christina.
I am a 29 yr. old woman.
Dx as soon as possible after birth - my two older brothers also have cf.
Height: 5'2", Weight: 118 lbs.
I live in Wisconsin.
Married for almost 6 years to a guy who says he knew he wanted to marry me the first day we met when we were 14.
Work as a scientist for a diagnostic company.
I love to run, garden, cook, and travel.
I like to read.
I love Cherry Coke, Gummi bears, pickles, cheese, beer and wine.
Brush my teeth in the shower sometimes.
I love being outdoors.
I love to write.
I come to this site daily but don't post often.
I appear to be extroverted - if you met me in person, but I'm really more introverted - keep a lot of myself to close friends & family.
A bit of a perfectionist.
Secretly wanted to be an actress, rockstar, or spy when I was growing up. <img src="i/expressions/heart.gif" border="0">


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who are you in a nut shell

What a GREAT idea!

I am lisa.

I am 48 yrs old. I am Mother to Kari Jolene who had TWO lung tx's and who SADLY passed away on May 15, 2008. Also Mother to Holli Jade who is 22 yrs old and has CF also...

I am a Grandmother to Mayah Joelle, 6 Kari's daughter NO CF!!!

I have a wonderful boyfriend Manuel who is Micronesian and an AQUARIAN like Mayah and I! Lord help us all.

I am the Assistant Manager of the Service Dept. (auto repair) at Pep Boys in Reno, Nevada I get to play with cars ALL day!!! Way COOL.

I have TWO cats, Baxter Thomas, and Winston Charles who is an Egyptian Mau.

Kari presented at 1 day w/ meconium ileus. We found out she had CF at 5 days old. She had TWO unsuccessful TX's and also CFRD and had three sinus surgeries. She had Humeral rejection, and had a Major bowel surgery 5 mos. after first TX on Cinco De Mayo. (she was STILL in the hospital from the TX!) She was listed for first TX on Valentines Day, 03, had a false alarm on 9/11 of 03 and was transplanted on CHRISTMAS DAY! of 03. Her nickname was "HOLIDAY GIRL"
She fought SO HARD for SO LONG... and I MISS her SO MUCH.

Holli Jade was DX'd at 2 weeks, the amnio (I participated in research to perfect it) DID show CF, I was not allowed to know the results. She mostly has had stomach and sinus issues. This is a VERY GOOD thing as she is stronger PHYSICALLY than her sis, but MENTALLY, No Way. *** UPDATE HOLLI IS IN THE HOSPITAL AND IS STARTING TO HAVE MORE LUNG ISSUES...***

Kari passed away in Rocklin California in the arms of her father Brian and I... Holli and Mayah live with him and I am still trying to find my way after all of this...

My girls are PROOF that it really DOES NOT matter which mutations you have that it can in NO WAY determine the outcome or the severity.

Well, thats all I can think of. Anyone has anything else they wish to know.....just ask! I'm around!!! Take care all.




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who are you

OK, I'll jump in... (It cracks me up to see how much this thread has grown since this morning!)

I am Tami.
36 years old.
Mom to Isabelle, who will be 5 in November (no cf)
and Emily who will be 2 in November, but thinks she's going to be 7 or 8!
Emily was dx shortly after birth...meconium illeus.
Married to an engineer for 11 years.
Bought a new home a year ago - LOVE it...still get a little giddy waking up in it each morning!
I teach second grade at a Catholic school.
I wish I had time to sew, quilt, read and write.
I love brats, beer, cheese...can you guess I live in Wisconsin?
I grew up on a farm.
My project this summer is getting Emily to gain some weight. Substantial weight.
Oh, and my other project is getting me to lose some weight. *sigh*
Emily is a live-wire. Such a character. Her sister is too, but in a very different way.
I love being their mom.
My new found passion/addiction is making montages on OneTrueMedia.
Cheesecake. Need I say more?


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who are you

I am Carrie
I am 33 (almost 34)
I was diagnosed at 15 years old
My lung functions were great (near 90%)
I am 5'3" and weight 112
I am borderline diabetic (controlled by diet)
I have a college degree in social work and minor in psychology
I am a stay at home mom and homeschool mom.
I have a 5 year old son (C-section scar to prove it:Disgust;)
I have been married for almost 12 years
I love shopping, gardening, blogging and watching old movies (Audrey Heburn).
I love metal music and impressionist art (monet is my favorite).
I have one niece and two nephews on the way-- I love being an auntie!!
I think that about covers it....


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who are you

my name is aimee
i am a girl
i am married to a Marine
i am 22
i am 5'2'' and wiegh 111 lbs
my fev1 is in the 50s
i was diagnosed at 3 weeks
i currently don't have a job
i live in WA but i am from UT
i enjoy reading
i love art (creating and observing)
i love teaching others about CF
i love all animals
dallas cowboys are my team!
i have one little brother who does not have CF
there is no prior history of CF in my family
i have the DF508 gene and the other one is unknown
i have had two back surgeries for scoliosis