Who are you in a nut shell


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who are you

My name is Lindsay
I'm 25
I was diagnosed at 15months
I'm celebrating my 3 yr anniversary tomorrow
I'm 5'4" and 125lbs
I was an only child, but my cousin also has CF
I live in Littleton, Co but grew up in Lancaster, PA (no, I'm not Amish)
I take enzymes but don't really do CPT
My PFTs are in the 100s
I love to run, did the Chicago Marathon in 2003
My favorite place to vacation is the beach
I spent a semester in Orvieto, Italy and want to go back someday
I have a weakness for anything salty
I have a BA in Psych and Art
and I love eating sushi (and all food, really)
Miralax has become my favorite after dinner drink!


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who are you

<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-cool.gif" border="0">
Well let's see.
I'm John T.
Just a guy.
I turned 50 in Jan of 2007
I was Born in CA, moved to MO in 1971. I visit CA from time to time. Redwoods, San Francisco, and the Sierras
I was DX at either two or four months of age. I was too young to remember.
Other then CF I also get to enjoy diabetes, hay fever, and osteo something. I guess I zoned out about then.
PFT's are ... well I don't know. I breath in, I exhale, I come close to passing out. I leave. No problem.
I now get to carry my very own oxy bottle.
I turned down a double lung transplant twice. Let some young person have a new set of air bags. Your welcome.
I've broken my nose four or five times. Baseball, softball, water skiing, martial arts, and bouncing at a club. Yep, that's five times.
I'm 5' 7" and I weigh about a buck eighty. Maybe 185. My Doc put me on a diet. CF on a diet. Go figure.
Blue eyes, long blond hair and goatee.
As for Doc's, I've outlived three, not counting the one who died in the car wreck.
I'm a retired Fire Inspector. I worked for the Army for almost twenty years before leaving.
Married and divorced twice. Loved both women, and thank God they're both gone.
Two dogs, and two cats.
Hobbies are hunting whitetail deer, watching NASCAR, shooting sports, my 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe, and I'm a nudist. Not all at the same time.
Two tattoos. Family crest on left chest. Earnhardt 3 on right arm. Yep, very redneck.
I like a good hand rolled Cuban cigar from time to time. When I can get them.
My goal in life is to reach, at least, sixty-five, and outlive several more doctors.
A twenty something Scandinavian naturist falling in love with me would be nice too.

John T
If you need me, you know where Ill be. Joe's Pub and Topless Bar, third seat from the left.


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who are you

I am 24.
I was diagnosed very early on due to the new born screen in Colorado.
I believe that early diagnosis is important and am an advocate for new born screening (you should be too!).
I have had CFRD since I was five. I'm on a pump and would encourage anyone thinking about getting one to do it.
My lung functions aren't terrible but they aren't great either.
I don't have a career. I thought I did but what I loved and was good at made me too sick.
Buying new makeup makes me happy.
I recently moved a thousand miles from my family and friends.
I have three cats and a boyfriend, all of which I share a small apartment in the heart of San Francisco.
I love satanic death metal but my true love is New Orleans jazz.
I am trying to write a book.
I'd love to have kids but probably won't.
I have a lot of tattoos and want more.
A highlight of my life so far was singing with Henry Butler infront of a packed house.
I have a sweet tooth like no other.
Right now I feel like I am nothing, but in my heart I know I am everything.


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who are you

My name is Jennifer

I'm a girl (not many boys named Jennifer - I hope)

I'm 26

I live in Eastern Canada

I was dx at 6 months old

I also have CFRD and Asthma... and a touch of OCD (drives my bf crazy - hehe)

I weigh about 135 lbs, height is 5'3' (I have no weight problems as you can see)

My pft are in the low 30's when I'm sick; high 40's when I'm not

I use the Vest for my physio... I had to fundraise to purchase it

I work full time (I'm off on disability right now doing IV meds at home)

I'm in a relationship and we live together, he makes me laugh all the time

I LOVE to laugh... the coughing spurt is worth it!!

I have a cat who I'm obsessed over... Can you love your pet TOO much???

I love tea & white mochas from starbucks

I love to shop!!!!!

My favorite season is fall

I can be very moody (also drives my bf crazy - hehe)

I'm a neat freak (guess that falls under my OCD)

I hope to be a home owner some day - I hate renting!!

I've read and loved ALL the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kensella

I tried to read the Harry Potter books but couldn't get into them... however, I did like the movies


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who are you

My name is Suzie
I am 24 (25 in september)
I do not have CF but have a brother and sister who do
My mom is currently not speaking to me or allowing me to talk to the kids because I reported her to CPS for non treatment of my brother and sister
<a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://forums.cysticfibrosis.com/messageview.cfm?catid=6&threadid=21254&enterthread=y">Link to the thread if you want to read the whole story</a>
I LOVE COFFEE...my favorite
I love music all kinds
I love creating and admiring art
I am heavily tattooed
<a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://www.myspace.com/suziecoffeebean">I too am addicted to Myspace</a>
I am a computer geek and do it for a living
I love to read
I love to cook and eat!

I really like this thread and could go on all day but I am stopping now!


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who are you

Howdy gang!
susiecoffebean is a genius!
My name is Darby.
I have CF.
I'm a 36 year old man (hard to tell from the name).
I have a twin sister named Darcey who also has CF.
I do IV antibiotics for 3 weeks every 3 months and I'm a big fan of that treatment.
I'm 5'11" 179 lbs with 79% FEV1.
I was diagnosed at 29 due to a 2-year long chronic bronchitis and sinusitis (Darcey was dx'd at 30).
I play volleyball and/or softball a few times a week.
I'm a video editor.
I was a music major in college.
I played Tuba for 4 years in the "Pride of Oklahoma" Marching Band even though I weighed about 135 at the time.
I don't really play music much anymore although I will pick up my guitar occasionally.
I am married to Shana who takes wonderful care of me.
I have 2 great dogs, Rufus and Maddie (pictured below).
I grew up in Oklahoma City, OK but a few years ago I moved to Springfield, MO for work.
I drive 2.5 hours to the clinic in Tulsa, OK.
I start the Denufosol trail in 4 weeks. I'll be going to Oklahoma City for the trial visits.
I'm hard to sum up in a nut shell.
I'm in chat just about every night from 9pm -10pm Central, stop on in if you have time!


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who are you

Hi Darby, This may sound really dumb but are you hitting enter after the line where you want the break?? But if so and it doesn't work the HTML code for a line break is br inside of <> put that after the line where you want the break. I had to edit cause I forgot if I just typed the code it would just enter a line break....Hope that helps.


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who are you

My name is Dee Dee
I'm a girl
I'm 39
I live in CA
My son was dx (diagnosed) at 11 weeks ~failure to thrive
He weighs around 27 lbs, and is about 33 3/4 " at 22 mos
His iPFT's are a little off
I am a stay at home mom, but I watch another child to earn money
I have a thing for knowledge and nutrition
I have a thing for music and art
I'm single
I like dogs not cats
I like a good sense of humor
I can be super sarcastic

I wish I could've got to know Littledebbie. God bless you.

Nice to be here with you all, Thanks suziecoffebean for the html lesson :0)


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who are you

My name is Sarah
I'm 36 (37 next week)
I live in Washington
I have 2 daughters and a husband
Lili was diagnosed at age 3 with CF - she is currently doing very well.
I love to do anything outdoors
We don't have any pets, but the girls are pushing hard for a cat.
They'd settle for a baby but that is not going to happen.
I love to read.
I love to eat, luckily I seem to have been blessed with good genes because I seem to manage to stay about the same size.
I try to buy as much organic and local food as possible - it's pretty easy here in the NW.
I stay at home with the kids, when they are in school I'd like to go back to school to start career #2.
I'm really looking forward to Sept when they will both be in preschool!


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who are you


My name is Jerry
I am 36 years old - will be 37 sometime next year
Was dx at 2 months old
Live in Chandler Az.
I am single.... ladies
Was recently Tx 3/2/07 at UMC Tucson Az.
My FEV's are 3.11L and FCV is 4.27L
I am 5'6" and weigh 130lb. was a 104lb at the time of my surgery.
I love movies, some tv programs, reading, and gaming.
Not really big on sports, though I sometime attend a game now and then.
Love animals... mostly those that don't bite.
I have a sister and two brothers... I am the lucky one =D, seriously I consider myself lucky.

I will add more when I think of it.


who are you

My name is Becki and I am 32 years old.

--I was diagnosed at birth
--I am 5'4" and weigh 135 lbs.
--I live in Lancaster County, PA (Amish country)
--I am not Amish
--My pfts are in the low 70's
--I have one brother who does not have cf
--I am married to my best friend Mark for 10 years now.
--We have an adorable little miniature schnauzer named Heidi who is partially blind.
--I love animals
--I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in biology
--I am a stay at home wife, looking to be a stay-at-home foster mom sometime in the near future
--My faith is extremely important in my life -Jesus is my Lord and Savior
--I like making baskets
--I love organizing things
--I hate clutter
--God has given me an amazing gift at the piano and I have made a few piano CDs
--I exercise a lot
--I have recently become addicted to sudoku


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who are you

Hey everyone...im new here!
My name is Kayla
Im 20yrs old
I live in Rhode Island
Was diagnosed at 3mths because I stopped breathing
I have CFRD
My pft's are 32%
I'm newly listed on the trx list
I have 3 dogs and 2 cats
I am unable to work
I go to college full time at URI
Im an animal management major

im very nervous about transplant so if someone could talk to me about it..


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who are you

My name is Betty
I'm a girl
I'm 21 almost 22
I live in Ohio
I was dx (diagnosed) at 2 weeks poor weight gain
I weigh around 119 and im five foot tall
My PFT's keep going down
I recently was told by the government to get a car and a job. ssi would no longer give me a check.
I have a thing heavy goth metal
I also have a thing for cooking
I'm married to a 20 year old
I have a 4 month old son named lucas
I lave a major thing for mountain dew
i also have a thing for soap opras and day time talk shows
I have had four surgerys and one coming up next week.
my fave foods is mashed potatoes and chicken.
my least fave is pizza peas and brussle sprouts
I am a HUGEEE fan of Harry potter more like obsessed


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who are you in a nut shell

Hello Folks !

I am Brad, I am 50 this past Jan.
I am from Virginia
I was Dx at 8 yrs due to many colds that seemed to never go away.

I am one of 5 siblings, 4 of us have Cf. My Oldest Brother had the worst case
He passed at 27 back in 1972,
TheCf seems milder from older to younger siblings.I am the 3 Cf child,
I am the 4th boy, David,the only Cf free sibling was killed in a accident just 19 days after his 16th Birthday< He was 6' 3'' 250 pounds.

I am 5' 10'' 225 pounds.
Not sure about my pfts at the moment.
My Cf genes are as I am told in the Rare Family that causes Cf.

I do Have a Bio Son who is 23 and Cf free, very heathy. He is 6' 3'' 200 pounds.

I have lifted weights for most of my life , I know it has helped me with my health.
My Brother MIke will be 59 Aug 27. 07, My sister Lori Just turned 45 Aug 1th 07.
But I didn't tell You Her age !!! Deal ????? She lifts weights too ......

So Far so Good. Iam 50 now and I am looking forward to 84 !!


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who are you

My name is Cherié
I am 19 years lived
I was diagnosed with CF at 3 months old
My mom predicted it sooner, but the nurses kept saying I had bronchitus
My PFTs have gone down hill through the past few years.
My average weight is 95lbs and standing at 5'1"
I have a port January/2001
I have a feeding tube August/2004
Sometimes I need that extra boost to help me with my treatments.
I didn't accept CF for the longest time and now still trying to grip it.
I want to live long
I want to live a happy life
I want to live a life worth living
I pick dogs over cats any day, but I love cats too
Humor is how I live my life and plan to live it that way forever.

♥ Cherié Breathe Easy


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who are you

My name is Chantal. I do not have CF, but my 5 year old daughter does. I also have a 7 year old son who does not have CF. I am a full-time high school teacher and I love my job. I'm also a single mom.
Melissa was diagnosed at 5 months. She started showing flu symptoms, then she started swelling until she was about 3 times her normal size. She was air-ambulanced to the Children's Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where she was finally diagnosed two weeks later (they thought it was a milk protein allergy at first). It was the worst time of my life. Doctors said she was 24 hours away from her death - by literally blowing up cause she kept swelling.
Since joining this group last night, I feel elated, stronger, more positive, but also more confused than ever. So much of what I'm reading is opposed by my daughter's CF specialist, or they are things I've never heard of.
Melissa has been fairly healthy, up to this past May when she was hospitalized for two weeks with pneumonia/collapsed lung. It makes me worry that this damaged her lungs severely and that her CF is more severe than I originally thought. I'm having trouble bouncing back, though she has bounced back without any trouble of course.
My biggest fear is that I won't be successful in raising her to be strong, to accept her illness and just to plow ahead and find ways to overcome her obstacles in order to become the person she wants to be or can be.


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who are you

My name is Charlie
I'm a 26 yr old man
I live on Nantucket Island MA
I was born with CF
I weigh 115 and 5'10"
PFT are not a thing of beauty
I'm a musician %)
I don't work anymore which is hard to get use to
Love island living and live shows
Nature lover
Up for new experiences


who are you in a nut shell

My name: Jina Yes it's spelled with a "J" not a "G"
I'm a gurl
I'm 39
I live in Kitchener, Ontario Canada (used to live in Vancouver BC Canada)
I was diagnosed at 3 yrs of age, why I dunno (My bro who is 31 had a double lung transplant in Dec/06 and is doing AWESOME!)
Diagnosed in June/06 with Diabetes
Had polups removed when I was...ummmmm 11yrs I think
Born with cleft lip/palate(last surgury to fix it was in 1970 something
Had gallbladder removed 10 or so yrs ago.
I am 5'5 and 150lbs( I hate wieghing this much)
My PFT"S are...I dunno, never asked
I make car parts for Toyota and GM(2yrs now)
I have a thing for PEPSI and chocolaate
I have a dog(she's my bf's dog), she's a huskey/shepherd. Her name is Sleigh
I have a bird (budgie) his name is Jesse
I've been told that I am always toooo happy! (for a redhead)
Moved to Ontario to be with my bf who I met online (3yrs now)
Would LOVE to loose 25 lbs
I miss my niece and nephew a whole lot (they live in BC)
I have no kids. Had tubal done on May 8th/07(day b4 my B-Day)

Ummmmm....I think that's all for now! :D


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who are you

My name is Lynda
I've recently joined
I live in Florida
I will be 42 years old Aug 16th
I was diagnosed Christmas 2005
I have been married nearly 24 years
I'm 5'7
No way will I admit my weight-tee-hee
but I have lost about 30 lbs the past year
I have 2 children
a girl, 20, just married in June
a boy, 16, Jr. in high school
I am still struggling with how CF is changing my life.
I gather strength from a lot of you on here-you all are great!
I just got my 3rd picc line since dx-the oral antibiotis seem to no longer work.
I'm learning that pseudonomas is stronger than I am some days


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who are you

My name is Melissa
I'm a girl
I'm 33
I live in KS
I was dx (diagnosed) at 4 months old
I weigh around 195 lbs, and I'm 6'0
My PFT's run low FEV1 36% on good days 28%-30% on Bad
I love to go walk around wal-mart supper centers LOL
I have a thing for hot sauce I love it
I love to dance can't dance very well run SOB (short on breath)
I'm married been married since 1999
I love my dogs all 5 of them
I enjoy horror movies
I'm very friendly and enjoy others company