Who are you in a nut shell


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who are you

My name is Donna
I'm a girl
I'm 34
I live in TN
I was diagnosed at 33
I weigh between 110 and 115, I'm 5'5"
My PFT's are 29%
I'm pancreatic insuff., had chronic pancreatis for 4 yrs, have a bad liver, no gallbladder, and had to have 2ft of my colon removed because of obstruction when I was 14 (you'd think the doctors would of figured out about the CF a little sooner, huh?)
I recently cut my work hours from 40 to 25, get to tired and sick
I just got married to a wonderful man on May 25th
I now have a son, 16 and daughter,7 (never thought I would get to be a mom)
I have a 4yr old boxer named Buster, he's the best
I love to eat, my mom says she would rather buy my clothes than to have to buy my food


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who are you

Love this!!
My full name is Kristina, but I go by Kris
I am a female
29 with Cf
Diagnosed at 3 months due to failure to thrive
I will be married 4 years in August
I tried to get pregnant for 3 years and now have a son who will be 5 months next week! (No CF!)
I work full-time as a nurse in a newborn nursery at the hospital where I am treated at for CF
I hate stupid people!
I LOVE cheese (did I mention I live in WI)
I could live on cereal if I had to!
I don't eat any fruits or vegatable and although I'm sure I've had them as a baby, I don't ever remember even trying any fruit.
I love to travel and scrapbook
I used to be a huge party girl until maturity bit me in the butt
I have had 3 sinus surgeries
I have a mediport
Despite being on enzymes, I am one of the gassiest people I know!

Thank you for this post!


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who are you

Great Thread,

My name is Larry
I am 33 years old and live in Northern NJ and work in NYC
in sports television. I don't have CF nor did I really know anything about it
until a work event about five years ago. While covering a local sports team visiting a hospital during the holiday season, I was fortunate enough to meet a then 14 yr old who has CF. Since then, he (Jake) and rasing money for the CFF have become a very big part of my life. I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he and everyone else has to do on a daily basis to fight this disease. I think I am most proud of the fact that my friends and family have all willing joined in helping raise money for the CFf (we put on a couple of events a year and despite the fact that we really do not have any clue what we are doing, they have been decently successfull).

I am new to this forum, but have enjoyed reading the posts.



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who are you

Also not a CFer, but...

My name is Ruth
I'm a girl
I'm 22
I live in TX, but in 6 weeks I am moving to Arkansas
I am about 4 classes and 1 internship away from having my degree in Social Work
I am dating (very seriously) Patrick (24, CF, dx in infancy)
I LOVE coffee
I am a computer nerd
I am not as nerdy as my boyfriend, though!
I'm a Christian
I love to read
I walk barefoot whenever and where ever I can
I love the rain
I love Patrick (He's MY nerd, and I love him!)


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who are you

My name is Chrissy
I'm 30
I live in PA, born in VA, raised in MD
My mutations azre DF508 and R347P
I was diagnosed at 21 (I have a few other medical issues)
I am 5' 1 and will admit that my CF dr calls me her cubby cystic!
I have a husband and daughter (both are healthy with out CF) Hubby is a cancer survivor.
My PFTs were 88% as of April
I am currently sick. <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-mad.gif" border="0"> Again. I have pneumonia and no voice. (not sure what's up with my throat...)
I like dogs not cats
I have a brother, Pete (he doesn't have CF but is going to be tested)
I work at a bank, and really like it.
I love to travel with my family!

<img src="i/expressions/rose.gif" border="0">


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who are you

My name is Nicole
I do not have CF
I lost my step-brother Eric to CF March 2006 and have been visting the site ever since. I do not post often, but love to read how everyone is doing.
I'm a female
I'm 27
I live in KY
I am in college pursing a degree in nursing
I have 2 beautiful children: Morgan is 6 & Spencer is 4
I am addicted to myspace
I am a single mom
I'm a Christian
I love to read


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who are you

My name is Joanna
I am a woman
I am 44
I have four children and have been married for 26 years.
Three of our children have cf.
Their ages are: 27, 25, 11, 8.
The three oldest have cf, they're all well.
My daughter (25) just fulfilled her dream of a European holiday...Ireland, Scotland, Paris, Venice, Rome...all the best places
I am studying at University (but I'm sick of it!).
I live in Australia...it's really cold today.
I was surprised to discover that Dyza is a MAN!

I always liked littledebbie's Quote...

The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off.
~ Gloria Steinem


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who are you

BTW Jeane/new webmaster, is there any way we can get this thread of Debbie's stickied at the top for new members (we are always getting new members) to introduce themselves, and show respect to the passing of such a loved integral member of this forum? I think it would be fitting.


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who are you

:DObviously I haven't been paying attention. I could have sworn I posted to this before but I was just reading through these and couldn't find myself.

So anyways...
My name is Ashley!
I am 21 yo!
I weigh 107 lbs and am 4 foot 11.5 inches tall! (laugh if you want to)!
My PFT's have always been pretty good, about 89% now!
I am married to the best man ever!
I have 2 dogs which I claim are my children!
I have two sisters, 1 w/CF!
I have a brother in law and the best nephew ever!
I love to dance!
I am a shoe fanatic!! (it's common on this site)!
I am sarcastic!
I have a great sense of humor and love to make you laugh!
I have lots of drama in my life!
I am a bit of a country girl but i love all music!
Before I moved a year ago I had a goat farm!
I am an animal lover!
I have the best family and friends a girl can ask for!!

That pretty much sums me up!
If you want to know more you can visit my blog page on here or click on<a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://www.myspace.com/squeakyaks">my myspace page</a> !

It is so nice to meet everyone!


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who are you

I'm Stacey
I'm will be 40 yo July 31st
I'm married to the best man in the world
I have 3 boys
I have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 rabbit & a tank full of fish-african cichlids
I have 1 granddog & 3 grandcats
I live in Oklahoma-GO SOONERS!!
I have been called a hippie, but then I've been called worse
I love music of all kinds
I work as an office manager
I like fishing-yes I bait my own hook AND take the fish off when I catch them
I'm a bit of a tomboy

there's my nutshell


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who are you

My name is Tara
I'm a girl
I'm 31
I live in Elk Grove, CA
I have a 29 year old brother with CF
I have two sisters without CF (32 and 27 years old)
I was dx at 3 months by being admitted for pneumonia
My weight fluctuates between 110-120 lbs, I'm 5'4"
My PFT's are stable in the upper 40's
I stopped working full time in June 2004 when I became a disabled adult
I love sweets including regular coke, log cabin syrup on eggo waffles, raspberry or orange sherbet topped with M&Ms and Fruit Loops.
I married the most wonderful man in the world in May 2001
I gave birth to twins in October 2004
With two 2 year olds running my house, I am currently into anything and everything toddler including toys, books, the zoo, potty seats and helium balloons.
I am blessed the twins are good sleepers (approximately 12 hours at night!)

Debbie started this post on my 31st birthday.



who are you

My name is Caroline
I'm not a boy
I'm 26
I live in Fresno, CA
I have a brother who died from CF at the age of 13 (1985-1998)
I was diagnosed at 6 months old due to an electrolyte imbalance
I am 5'5 and weigh between 120 and 125. Before I had my son I weighed around 135
I am pancreatic sufficient
My FEV1 is about 70% and been stable for a long time
I have a 2.5 yo son named Logan and am trying for #2
I married Joshua (29) in January this year but we have been together for almost 9 years.
I have a BS in Biology and just decided to take a break from graduate school - I'm 3/4 done w/ a masters in biology. (I was studying urban birds)
Joshua works for Fresno County and just got promoted
I am now a stay at home mom but have a small business with my sister in law selling baby slings.
I love angel food cake and turkey stuffing (but only the way my mom makes it).
Asthma is my worst problem.
We have 8 cats, 2 small dogs, 3 leopard geckos, 2 snakes (ball pythons) and 6 fish tanks around the house - (hubby used to work at a pet store, can you tell? LOL. His passion is fish).
I am now way into nutrition and supplements

I think thats about all.


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My name is Lance
I'm a boy in a man's body
I'm 37
I moved to Santa Fe, NM from San Diego and Phoenix almost a three years ago, and now I am in Albuquerque, NM.
I once lived in France for 2 years.
I was dx (diagnosed) at birth, due to some obstruction in my throat ... or so I am told.
When I first made this entry I weighed around 148lbs. and am 5'6", though I should weigh 155lbs. Now I am 134lbs., but I am working on getting those numbers back up.
My PFT's, FEV1 is around 40-44%
I have a sleep apnea and pulmonary hypertension.
I just started a new job in July 07... and its going well, though I lost that job in Aug 08, and am working a new better job and have been since Sept 08.
I am blessed everyday, and I pray for the grace to recognize and remember this every moment.
I'm in a exclusive committed and loving marriage with Kirstin, who helps me to recognize the gifts of life.
I also have a thing for foie gras, Sauterne, NYC-pizza, sushi, and a good steak!
I love my sweet pug, Maggie! (Who now lives with friends so that she can be with a menagerie of little friends 24/7, and I still get to visit her from time to time (this bring me so much joy!)
I like sleeping.
I am likely one of the only guys who does not like to watch sports, with exception of NFL, which I enjoy but don't "love"
One day I would like to be accepted into an Ivy League university, i think I am bright enough?
I'm one of the best cooks you'll find outside a professional kitchen, it doesn't hurt that I graduated from Paris' school Le Cordon Bleu when it meant something.
I believe in boxers not briefs.
I open doors for everyone, and say "thank you!" to those who don't know how to say it when I open the door for them.
Although I like Van Halen, I prefer Van Morrison
I love to get out and play on the sunny days, but there is something poetic and familiar about the rainy ones.
I am glad and grateful that there is only one chromosome, and not five that differentiate men from women.
And I love hot coco with marshmallows, though whipped cream is ok too.
Oh! And sliced and toasted DollyMadison Angel Food cake is a wonderful discovery.
Also, I was declined for a double-tx in March 09 but took that as a call to arms to continue to work on improving my health before the inevitable adventure of a transplant.



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who are you

I too thought I had posted to this thread but I suppose not - so I will do it now.

My name is Lindsey
I am 25
I'm a chickee
I love animals especially the cute ones - nix spiders, snakes, roaches, mosquitos and bees/wasps
I like to play poker
I love watching football
The COLTS are my fav NFL team - and Peyton Manning is my fav QB
I enjoy watching the University of Tennessee play too
My family is from Tennessee and I love going to see them and visiting the mountains
I grew up in Florida - and yes I love the beach
I have a thing for my fiance ... and Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom lol.
I am an only child technically but I have 4 step brothers and 1 half brother
I was diagnosed ON my first birthday.
I received a Double Lung Transplant on May 2, 2007
I want to go back to school and finish my degree in History and the one in Business Admin.
I love going to Disney - WDW in Orlando.
I want to go to Australia one day - as well as Italy, Greece, Rome, Ireland, Japan and New Zealand
I talk alot ...
Love to laugh and have a good time, but sometimes I have my moments too.

That is really the most essential things I guess - otherwise I could go on forever hehe .... don't tempt me.

Take Care,


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who are you

I do not have CF my son does, but here goes...

My name is Victoria
I'm a girl
I'm 31
I live in VA
I do not have CF my son was diagnosed at 2 months old with failure to thrive
I am a stay at home army mom working on my BS in Accounting
I love frogs and the color green
The furthest I have traveled from home has been to England, and I would love to go back
I'm married
I have two cats, named cookie and mocha
I love the smell of roast beef and apple pie
I tend to complain too much...


who are you

My name is Ann
I'm a girl
I'm 43
Live in La.
I was diagnosed with CF at age 20 after repeated bouts of bronchitis
I'm pancreatic sufficient, but am finding out my pancreas doesn't like too many antibiotics:(
I was in denial for many years and not great at taking all the meds. Am trying to do much better.
I learned to water ski last year!!!!
I've been married to my beloved for 19 years
We have lots of "babies" - 7 dogs (bloodhounds, golden retriever and a german shepherd) and 2 horses (MO Fox Trotters); but were never able to have biological children (due to my endometriosis)
I have a B.S. degree in Business Admin.
My husband and I started up a business 2 years ago - he's great to work with!
We moved out of town a few years ago and I love being able to watch the deer and the bluebirds!
My favorite ice cream is Starbucks Java Chip and Baskin Robbins Mint Chocolate (Mmmmm....heaven!)
But I do try to limit my sugar & stick with whole foods
I love steak, blueberries & watermelon


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who are you

i are kev.
i are a cystic.
i study communication and cinema at the university of iowa.
i am currently unemployed, but have been in photofinishing for 10 years.
i am 29.
i enjoy music, poetry, photography - basically art an anything expressive.
i have two kitties - miksy jiggs and pogeaux c. pogues.
i have been with the same girl for 9 years, but we are currently apart due to her work and my school.
her name is nicole.
my name would have been nicole if i was born a girl.
we are two nicoles.
together we equal ten cents.
i am easily sidetracked.
i am a poet.
i love techno.
i love dancing to techno.
i love late nights and thunderstorms.
i have a chemical love affair.
i've said enough.
i are kev and i are going now.


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who are you

Hello all!!

*My name is Amy
*I am 26 years old - 27 in October!
*I was diagnosed at age 4 - they thought it was allergies
*I live outside Philadelphia
*I am not married but have a great boyfriend who is slowly learning about CF
*I have a 13 year old toy poodle named Maggie
*My FEV1 is in the low 50s but I am working on making it higher and it has been steadily increaing!!
*I am 5'-3" and weigh around 106 (normally 114-118 but been kinda stressed lately :( )
*I try to go to the gym at least 4-5 days a week for 30-60 minutes at a time
*My goal is to be able to run on the treadmill - well off too but you get my point!!!
*I love to shop
*I love art
*I love the summer and being barefoot
*I love horses and riding and hope to do it again someday!
*I have my AA in Interior Design and am working on my BS in Interior Design (graduate this December!!)
*I want to get my MA in American History
*I work full time as an Architectural Designer
*I love to travel and want to see Europe for my 30th b-day!
*I want to get married and have babies

That's about it


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who are you

My name is Kara
My daughters name is Athena
I'm a mom to a 3 year old
My favorite color is purple
I'm a student
I work
I take care of my family and home
I have 1 brother
I'm 28 years old
I was diagnosed at 4 at
I live in CA
My PFT is 69
I'm a list keeper I have list for everything u could imagine
I love to laugh with Athena
I have a thing for shopping
I couldn't live without chocolate
I just started takeing all my meds after countless years of being off them
I like to take baths
I love summer rains