Who are you in a nut shell


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who are you

New to the post
39 y/o female
dx'd at 2
weight 125 and proud of it
PFT's not as good as they will be when I'm 65
husband of 13 years is a weatherman
I'm a speech pathologist
graduated summa cum laude in '96
Master's in '98 with a 4.0 gpa
play the flute
going through a pre-transplant eval.
goal to stay off the list for another 10 years
goal post tx to play "Flight of the Bumble Bee" and run a 10K


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who are you

My name is Jenna
I'm a girl
I'm 32
I live in England
I was diagnosed at 16 due to recurrent lung and digestive issues
I weigh too much!
My FVC is 78% and my FEV1 is 72%
I am waiting for results from my degree and am looking for a job
I'm married since 2002.
I have asister who does not have CF


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who are you in a nut shell

My name is Johnna
I am a girl
Have CF (DDF508)
Pfts 115%
Dx at age 5
Pancreatic insuficient
29 years old
Live in Nebraska
Mother to Matthew
He is nine months old
Wife to Brian
Stay at home Mom
Oldest of Five
Love reading
Enjoy the Outdoors
Strongly dislike smokers
Latest Med allergy..Avelox<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-disgusted.gif" border="0">
Favorite show...House
Favorite food...Watermelon
Favorite movie...Lake House
Favorite color...Pink
Favorite beverage....Vanilla Chi
Favorite animal...dolphin


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who are you

OK here goes!

I'm Jodi . . .
51 yo nut job Italian <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-tongue.gif" border="0">
Wife to Terry, mother to Jen 27, Josh 26, Grandee to Aaron 2 1/2
Sister to 2 older CF free brothers, so I've always been a tomboy
I live in CA, born & raised in crazy SoCal
Married 1st time in 1977 for 11 years & divorced, Married Terry 8-92 <img src="i/expressions/heart.gif" border="0">

DX 25, but had all the symptoms and I always knew I wasn't 'right'
CFRD, MRSA, 5 sinus surgeries, FEV1 60ish even minus most of my left lung removed
Pancreatic sufficient so at 5' tall, I'm a chubby 135 lb

I'm a retired Art Director - Graphic Designer
I volunteer my graphic services to my clinic when they need anything designed
My favs are art, history, travel - even better if I can combine them
My perfect vacations are to travel by car all over Europe with a backpack, visiting world class museums, history sights and staying in home B&Bs in small towns.

I also love cats, Disney art, Disneyland, arts & crafts, home improvements, chocolate, music, movies, reading, walking 3-5 miles a day, camping, national parks, dirt bike riding, snow skiing and most of all family gatherings.

I'm a great cook when I want to be, especially Italian
Love a wicked sense of humor with a side of sarcasm
Don't have any room in my life for dishonest or ingenuine fake people
My bestest girlfriends in the whole world are from elementary school
Other than my CF and related maladies, I am perfectly healthy - go figure!

I consider my CF a blessing is so many ways. I have truly learned to love and live life. It just makes me work harder to achieve personal goals and milestones. I'd love to smack CF in the face and say, "See I told you so . . ." :D

Oh and sometimes, whether I like it or not, my mouth runs . . . thanks Mom! ;)


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who are you

My name is Mari
I'm 26
I was diagnosed at 2 months...failure to thrive
Just got married to Roger 07-28-07!
I'm 5'1
I weigh 108 and still gaining! yea!
I consider taking care of my health is my number one job
I do weight training six times a week and cardio four times a week...i love to workout! (thanks to my personal trainer husband)
I love, love, love sushi!
My PFT's are good but I'm wanting them to be the best they can be
We want a child of our own sooner or later
Currenty I'm not working (just taking care of the house, my honey and my health)
I've been dancing since I was a kiddo---ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, point, etc
We have a dog named Daphney Rose
I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have such a loving and supportive husband and family!


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who are you

I hope I'm doing this right
My name is Lucretia
38 yr old
nickname (Lou)
live in Florida
married almost 16 years
no children
no pets
dx @ 4 1/2 mths. old
remember what it was like when you actually spoke to other cfers when you would go to clinic, until they found out that we were all cross infecting one another
so glad that we have the internet now to talk. I miss being able to talk with and interact in person. But I guess this will have to do.


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who are you

I'm new here too

21 years old
female (duh! Hehe)
diganosed at 14 months, rectol prolapse
I've had 2 medaports and a feeding tube
I've been on every CF medicine known to man
I had MRSA, Staff and Psuedomonas
I stll have pusedomonas (I cant spell it right )
I go to Old Dominion University in Virginia
Double lung transplant recipent- March 6, 2006 (greatest thing that will ever happen!!)
<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-cool.gif" border="0">


who are you

My name is Debbi
I'm 47 yo, married 20 years
1 child (adopted), age 13 w/ Aspergers
I'm a homeschool mom
Diagnosed w/ CF late at age 43
Diagnosed w/ bronchiectisis at age 28
Moved from PA to North Georgia 1/07, just outside Chattanooga
Have Delta 508 and 3849+10kb C to T
Pseudomonis- resistant to everything oral
Attend Vanderbilt Adult CF clinic every 3 mos. or as needed
May be getting a Vest shortly, once Ins. is cleared
FEV1 was 46% at Johns Hopkins but went to 33% when we moved- now up to low 40's ...I'm getting there!
Have a morbidly obese Lab and an affectionate Golden who's just wonderful!
I enjoy cooking, baking, reading, scrapbooking...you can see I'm not too active.
I'm working at becoming more active...


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who are you

My name is Mary
I'm a woman
I'm 48
I live in central IL
I was dx (diagnosed) at 12 y/o; have two brothers that are older and no-one else, on either side of the family, has ever been diagnosed. I do strongly suspect that the brother who would be my oldest and died in 1954 may have been a CFer and also that I had a cousin on my Mom's side that suddenly developed 'double pneumonia' and died in the late 1960s may have had CF. I have one 508 gene and one unidentified mutation.
I weigh 225 and I'm 5'6"
My PFT's stink (28-30% on good days, you don't want to know on bad ones!) I've been on O2 for a bit over a year now.
I work full time as an RN but hold a desk job reviewing nursing home surveys for the State. I had to take off on disability from 1998-2003. I love my work but not my job....... I also do Agency nursing now and then, loved working with the critical kids at home.
I have a thing for shoes (what woman doesn't? My guy's nickname for me is Imelda ~ but I keep telling him I don't have nearly as many as I should!)
My favorite food is great sushi or a real good steak cooked to perfection at rare-medium rare.
I really enjoy a couple of fingers of high quality scotch (ya know, the $10 $20 a serving type) and sometimes wish I could know what having a good cigar with it would be like.
I'm technically single but my guy and I have been friends since '89 and a couple since '97...... I refuse to get married again until at least 6 mos. after a transplant. I've been there twice and didn't get a t-shirt when either ended! He is more supportive than either one of them ever was and it feels more like I'm married to him!
I prefer dogs but we have a cat.
I am being worked up as a pre-transplant, but need to have a BMI of <30; which translates into under 190# for my height. Losing weight is very tough as I have always eat lower fat foods and such - I need to work on eating right (like breakfast) and drinking less coffee (with flavored creamer). I've lost 12 pounds this year and have joined an excersise club recently.....now just need to keep going.
I love to cook and am pretty darn good at it!
I like to read (and watch) those suspense mystries/who done it's and am totally addicted to Law and Order, CSI and Criminal Minds.
I also love those terrific bodice rippers!
I try to find a way to inspire everyone I meet and think that is maybe why I'm still here.......
Like someone who posted before - I miss the days when we could meet in person and talk...like before cross-contamination was such an issue. This is now the only way we have to hold each other up, learn tricks and tweak the disease process and inspire one another......something we all sorely need. I too enjoy slapping the CF monster upside the head with a good belly laugh and an "I told you you weren't in control of me" attitude. But age has tempered that a bit and I'm wiser to taking good care of me.
I talk a lot..... :)
I don't get on here often, but feel free to post private messages to me!



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who are you in a nut shell

I dont think I ever replied to this so here i go...

My name is Courtney
I am 24 dx at birth due to Mecullium Illieus dont know how its spelt but you know what i mean.
I live in Texas
Have 3 sisters, 6 nieces and nephews all CF free. Actually only one on both sides of family with CF. I did have earlier cousins die from CF but didnt know at the time.
I have a maltese/poodle named Joni.
I am on disablility and I nanny (6y/o boy, 9y/o girl)
I love to travel.
I love my family.
My pfts are mid 30's lower 40s. I have feeding tube. I'm 5'7 wiegh about 110.
I check the foroums often but dont post much.

see ya around!


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who are you

My name is Sarah
I am a girl
Dx with CF in feb 07 - df508/R117h
Previous history of Asthma, Pneumonia
Pancreatic Sufficient
I have a brother called Simon 38yrs
I lost my other brother Steve to CF Dec 06, 41 yrs :(
I have a Fiance called Gary 30yrs <img src="i/expressions/heart.gif" border="0">
I have a black labrador called Jester 8yrs <img src="i/expressions/dog.gif" border="0">
I live on the Isle Of Wight UK/ Originally from Manchester UK
I work as an Assistant Sales Manager at a hotel
I like to Read, Swim, Paint, Walking and also just watch sky tv
Favourite 70/80's music - The Doors, Pink Floyd, David Bowie,
Favourite 9o's + music - Bjork, Snow Patrol, Stone Roses, Oasis


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who are you

I'm Anne
32 y.o.
Married for 8 years.
2 siblings w/o CF.
Diagnosed at birth with a maconium illius (sp? intestinal blockage)
Live in Columbus, OH
PFTs FVC:72%, FEV1:68ish%
Been waiting 1.5 years to adopt domestically
Decided to adopt so my body has less of a chance to get sick once the baby arrives (vs. carrying a child) from general fatigue
Had really obnoxious pain in my hands/feet (2 years later) diagnosed me with CF related arthritis, drugs didn't help the symptoms

Been taking these phenomenal nutritional supplements that take away symptoms of arthritis, give GREAT energy, have kept me healthier (lung infection) for longer.
I swear by them and think everyone with CF should try them!! NO joke!

Have a chocolate lab Dierker,6 years and tiger cat, Porter, 7 years
Favorite Band: Over The Rhine
What I do during the day and into the evening....Graphic Designer:USANA:Work for my husband's company:Do projects around the house:Cook:Work with Young Adults


who are you

Already posted on this, but added chronic rejection and kidney failure to the list. Fev1 is better though after starting on some new meds. whoo hoo


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who are you

mmm k... about me

my name's Jared
age 25
male with cf,
live in southern california
diagnosed at 18 years
5'4 130lb
pft ~65-70%
love the atlanta braves
love to fly!
love coke
whole family's from georgia... i guess that explains all the georgia stuff... braves, coke, flying delta.
i have a 13 year old terrier/cocker spaniel who still looks and acts like he's 7 months old (except for the gray hair)
i eat everything in sight

"thats all i have to say about that"


who are you

My name is Adrienne
I'm a girl
I have CF and asthma
I'm 25
Diagnosed at 8 due to a bowel obstruction (painful!)
DF508 and 3396delC
FEV1 is 62%, FVC is 80%
I live in Iroquois, Ontario, Canada
I'm married to William Wachter VIII (cool title!)
My maiden name is Legris and just never changed my login name
We went to Italy for our honeymoon
We just got a new puppy who's adorable
I graduated from the University of Guelph with a B.Sc in Food Science
I'm a chemist at a corn refinery
I don't tell people I have CF because I don't like people feeling sorry for me
I'm terrified of needles
I'm terrified of getting diabetes and the thought of a lung transplant
I'm addicted to food and Guitar Hero and The Office and Megadeth
I love life, music, laughing, running
I hate shoe laces, pen lids, smokers, and people with no common sense
I'm a total nerd


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who are you

My name is Julie
I've recently joined
I live in Moonta, South Australia- 180km from the S. Aust. capital, Adelaide
I am 51 years old
I'm 5'6
I weigh enough <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-frown.gif" border="0">
I have 4 children
I am a teacher
I am single
I love my family, my job, gardening, animals, walking, visiting coffee shops and cafes
I gather strength from my family and friends
I admire people who are realistic about their situations and rise above them to live every day!
I dislike dishonest and disrespectful people
I'm checking my health status due to lifelong food 'intolerances'
I'm learning sooo much from this site- in connection with my kids' and my own health

Enough for now...


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who are you

My goodness, what a mixed family!!!:D Great to know ya! I assume that Bryan is the one with CF. I look forward to a blog about Bryan--your life--it sounds v-e-r-r-y interesting!!! Welcome ;)


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who are you

- 19, female, virgo, single :/
- 5'1"-ish, 108lbs -ish.
- CF & CFRD. whatevvv
- college? yep! i miss home (in PA), but my roomie is my bff sense preschool
- i like to be active and social, & i like time to myself too
- play something country
- home is in the sticks (i drive a truck) & i LOVE it there
- motto: livelaughlearnlove.
- i have a great sense of humor
- mean people suck.
- i adore little kids, the game taboo, chocolate, & pictures.
- i enjoy sports, campires, and being crafty
- i am up for just about anything
- i can can along with almost anyone, but i'm not assertive enough
...because i'm still figuring out who i am.
- i love my lake.
- i love my fam. and pets.
- i love my friends. of all ages.
- i love my life. yet things could be better.

let's chat :)