Who are you in a nut shell



who are you

My name is Fred.
I am a 42 yr. old male.
Originally from Detroit, I've been living in Osaka, Japan for 15 years.
Diagnosed at about the age of 7, from a nursing team doing follow-up for birth complications my younger sister had.
I have been married twice, the first marriage was an 11 year nightmare!
The second marriage is better, except for the live-in Mother-in-law!
I work in the electronics industry, and am working for a Japanese company in the NDT field.
I have many hobbies I enjoy, but my biggest hobby is Iaido, which is a Japanese Martial Art of Swordsmanship--I'm a fifth dan. (In plain English, I'm a fifth degree black belt in Iaido)
One of my loves was Aikido (whom I think most people know), but a serious shoulder injury three years ago stopped me from practicing anymore.
I have a car (went 12 years without even owning one), two birds (only one is really mine!)
While in High School, I had enjoyed creative writing, and seemed to have rediscovered that on this site.
I like making people laugh, that gives me the satisfaction that I can "tickle" their funny bone, and that I know they are responsive to my sense of humor! The wife is the easiest to enjoy my 'shinanigans'!
I can handle untidiness to a certain degree, but totally trashing a room, etc., drives me up a wall!
Oh, yea...my weight after my divorce went from 160lbs (73kgs) to about 175 or so (80kgs), and then back down again to about 170lbs? (76kgs), and my height is about 5'10" (177cm).
My PFT's fluxuate around 85% to 95%.
I have NO CF support in Japan, but the doctor I had found only a year ago has been doing a good job.
I think having a love for food is synonomous with CF, Pizza is my favorite, but it doesn't always like me. I love Pretzels, especially Rold Gold. I also have cravings, especially for good 'ole American dishes! Love spicy foods like Curry Rice, Spicy Ramen dishes, Mexican Chili and Habanero Chips!
I hope to one day return Stateside with my wife, but don't know where and when we'll be moving...got a choice of 50 states!!


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who are you

My name is Stephanie
I am female and just celebrated my 31st birthday.
I have CF.
I was dx at age 12 because I weighed 48 pounds...I had no lung involvement until I was about 21.
I have always lived in Maine, USA.
I am married.
I have 3 German Shorthaired pointer (GSP) and 3 cats.
I own two home, a primary house and a place on the water.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Bus. Administration from Saint Joseph's College in Maine and Have taken several Master's courses.
I work full time.
I Love Love Love the Boston Red Sox!!!!
I enjoy all sports and love to go fishing with my husband.
I love salty food, gummie bears, wine and money.
I actually love to exercise, I just have a hard time fitting it in to my schedule.
I love to travel, Hawaii is my favorite place so far.
My last FEV1was 58%. Could be better but could be worse.
I am on this site everyday I just don't post often. I read just about every blog and forum post.


who are you in a nut shell

First I want to say - I love this thread, it is so interesting. Thank You for starting it!

My name is Rosie (my BF's name is Pete - that is why I am PeteRose)
I am 45 with CF - diagnosed when I was 6 months old. After 10 other kids my Mom knew something was wrong with me!
I am the 11th child in my family (7 boys, 4 girls) and the only one with CF.
I have 30 nieces and nephews and 14 great nieces and nephews - still the only one with CF
I have been with Pete for over 25 years and I told him that I had CF on our first date. I knew he was the one for me when he didn't even blink and eye when I told him about CF.
I have 2 dogs (Pomeranian's) one is 18 one is 16 and they are the greatest dogs in the world (just me and Pete's opinion)
I worked until 2 1/2 years ago, now on disability but I am much healthier because of it. I actually have time to take care of myself now!
I live in Plainfield Illinois (a suburb of Chicago)
I tend to be on the shy side, but like most people with CF, I am extremely stubborn.
I love salt and pretzels are my weakness.


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who are you in a nut shell

I'm Danyell
I am female
24 yrs old
115lbs, 5'4"
From North Carolina
Diagnosed at birth due to Meconnium Illeus
Mutations are Delta F508 and G542X
My PFTs suck but are stable
I am married; for 15 months now, but been together for 7yrs
I work part-time
I'm a Christian
I have 2 cats and prefer cats to dogs
Scared of heights, spiders and snakes
Love to sing
Like Nascar (#24) and college basketball - UNC Tarheels and Duke are my teams
I dont really care for shopping, especially it if is for clothes or shoes


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who are you

My name is Risa
I'm a women
I am 47 and a half
I live in Florida
I was dx (diagnosed) at 2 years old delta F508/ G542X
I weigh around 148 and I am 5'8"
My PFT's are great
first tx 1996
Second tx 2005
I volunteer <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://transplantbuddies.org">http://transplantbuddies.org</a> /founder
I have a thing for healthy foods
and recently Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine.
I'm Married for a year and a half after living together for seven years
I like dogs but do not have one currently. I enjoy petting my husband.
I am very affectionate to the right person and cold to people who are overly critical and self centered.
Hoping to accomplish more of my goals.


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who are you in a nut shell

HI I'm Chrissy
I'm 37
I live in Colver, Pennsylvania
My daughter Jaden has CF she is 2 1/2. Diagnosed at birth through the newborn screen test.
Her mutations are N1303K and DeltaF508
She is doing very well, weight is 28lbs and 35 inches tall.
No lungs issues so far all digestive issues.
I have a soon to be 12 year old son Zack.
I'm married to a wonderful guy for 8 years.
I love chocolate as well as Jaden does too.
I have a older brother who has no children.
I love scary movies and Stephen King novels.
Baking is my favorite thing to do, I am the queen of my kitchen
Jaden loves spongebob and is afraid of piglet.
I stay at home through the winter and help out at a local ice cream shop in the summer.
I don't post much but I do read about everyday.


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who are you in a nut shell

My name is Emma, I'm 22.
I was diagnosed through compulsory newborn screening.
I'm a garden-variety double DF508!
My FEV1 has been at 94% for two years now.
I am 5'9 and weigh 60kg.
I live in Canberra, the capital of Australia.
I work full-time doing web stuff for the government.
I have a Bachelor of Multimedia degree.
I play lots of volleyball.
I live with my boyfriend, we have been together for 5.5 years.
We both absolutely LOVE dogs, but we can't have one because we are renting.
We are saving for a house, which is taking forever.
When we get a house, the first thing we will do is get dogs.
I like to go for walks, and like all kinds of art/craft.
Apart from that I am pretty boring!
who are you

Love this! (note: it's 3 am in the morning and I'm in the hospital cot next to my CF husband while he sleeps - ah, sweet IV Benadryl - so I'm slightly insomniac at the moment)

My name is Elizabeth (often go by Liz)
I'm a girl
I'm 28
We live in Houston, TX but we are moving in 2 weeks to TUCSON, ARIZONA... very excited!!
I do not have CF, my husband Chris does
We have been married for 7 1/2 years (high school sweethearts)
He was dx (diagnosed) at 8 days old (meconium ileus)
He weighs around 135-140 lbs, and is 5'7"
His PFTs have been declining in the last year to low50s, but today in the hospital they did PFTs and he blew 71%!!! We have no idea how, but we were thrilled.
I am a 7th grade math teacher
He just graduated with his Master's degree in Physical Therapy (SO proud of him!)
I love sweets, he does not
He loves meat, could eat 3 steaks easily at one meal
We have one adorable mutt terrier, Maggie (LOVE her!)
No kids, but one of those dreams tucked deep in our hearts.
I love to read fiction novels and outdoor hiking.
I absolutely adore my soulmate, Chris and he is my hero
He has a tattoo of "FCF" on his arm (for our family, it means Fight Cystic Fibrosis - for friends, it means F*** Cystic Fibrosis)

Looking forward to posting more once we are discharged from the hospital and we move & get settled in Tucson by mid-February


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who are you

*My name is Mary (BigBee was my Dad's nickname for me)
*I'm a girl
*I'm 36.
*I don't have CF. My Dad did - he was 68 when he died. My dear friends have a daughter with CF (Izemmom).
*My brother and I are adopted.
*Because I don't have CF (and therefore no one cares - or maybe because I don't want you to know) I won't post my weight -but I'll share that I am 5'5"

*We (hubby of almost 12 yrs, 8yr old daughter, 4 yr old son) live in Merton, WI - just moved here in July.
*We are still trying to sell our old house and our lot we were going to build on (dang that housing market slowdown!) - so I prefer to think of myself as a land baroness rather than wallowing in debt until some of this property moves.
*I am often sarcastic and have a true appreciation of those with this gift.
*I am the director of a medical clinic in Milwaukee.
*Love, love to travel. Got engaged in London!
*Blessed to have many, many great friends.
*My family is wonderful.
*Conservative (but not the conservative christian nut type that Allie despises - she says she likes me anyway)
*Enjoy the perspective this site gives me.
*Have been known to steal toothpicks from Lindsey
*Committee member for our local black tie gala for CF - and I LOVE it!
*Not a clucker - see my blog if you are going "what the ****"


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who are you

Thanks for the topic. I have been wanting to introduce myself, but didn't quite know how.

My name is Faith
I'm a girl
Age 33
Born & raised in Utah, USA
Double F508 genes
Height almost 5'7", weight almost 92lbs
Lungs are my least affected area. FEV1 42%
My sinuses have tried killing at least 3 times, seriously.
I love all of my 4 cats, but am obsessed with my Pepper girl.
Love raw carrots, chicken dumplings, & my recipe for homemade pizza & breadsticks.
I hate cook carrots, not much for chocolate either.
Fiction books, painting, classic TV, playing in my pool, & kitty cuddling are my hobbies.
I'm very determined & want to work, but have always been to sick. Had to home school by 7th grade.

David, ShowLow AZ is a beautiful place. My ancestors helped settle the area & my mom was raise there. I still have relatives living there. Three aunts and a infant brother who died of CF are buried in the cemetery. I have often wished to move to ShowLow myself.

33 w/cf


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who are you

I'm Craig
I am a man
Live in Port Glasgow which is in Scotland
Daughter is 13 going on 23
Son is 19 month CF
his mutations are RH117 Df508
My mutations are RH117 RH117 ( undx)
I enjoy having a laugh
My wife of 14 years says I have a filthy laugh
My mind is often in the gutter
I often wear a kilt
My favorite food is meat
I watch association football ( soccer )


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who are you

*Thank you for starting this thread.
*My name is Laura, I am a 53 year old woman.
*I am the youngest of 5 children, the only one with CF. My mother always worried what she had done to make me so sick.
*As a child I had ear, sinus and lung problems and was diagnosed with asthma and allergies, I had allergy shots for 30 years.
*My siblings remember when I turned blue in the car - I went to the ER, they got ice cream. They were always putting me in the bathroom to breathe the steam from the shower and getting me to raise my hands in the air to cough and pounding me on my back. My mother wanted me to show her what was in my kleenex.
*There was a missed opportunity for a diagnosis when I was 20.
*I was diagnosed with chemical sensitivity and candida in 1999 and CF in 2003, in the month I turned 50. My mutations are DF508 and 1336K.
*My CF care team is at National Jewish in Denver. I am pancreatic sufficient, 5"5" and overweight. My PFTs have ranged from 69-90 since my diagosis.
*I grew up outside of Rochester, NY
*I have been married for 30 years - it's an academic journey - my husband is a teacher and a professor and we have lived in Boston (where we went to college), Gloucester, MA, Dover NH, Ithaca NY, Orono ME, Corvallis OR and now Bozeman MT - I have a couple of advanced degrees and am thinking of getting a doctorate. I have friends all over the country and love to travel to see them and explore new places.
*We have three children, Adam, 26 (1336K), Luke, 22 (DeltaF508) and Cara, 20 (DeltaF508). They are all in the arts: music, photography, theatre and I hope they will successfully be able to support themselves. We only have the dogs (Chico and Lucky) at home these days.
*My work is in health education - women's health, HIV and sexuality education. I work part time in a family planning clinic. The sexual health issues related to CF compel me to ask questions and learn more.

"Carefully observe the way your heart draws you and then choose that way with all your strength." (Hasidic saying)


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who are you

My name is Khristina
I am a woman
I am 32 yrs old
I was dx'd at birth
My older brother had Cf
I was born and raised in California
I have been married for 9 yrs
I am 5'5 weigh 136lbs
My husband and I are building our second home
We own 10 acres w/ a small vineyard
We are planning to have a child soon
I love to eat, laugh, travel, and drink wine
My fav meal is turkey, mash potatoes, corn, stuffing and cranberry sauce.
I hate brussel sprouts, spiders, and snakes
I have two Labrador retrievers (one black and the other yellow)
I love being married to my highschool sweetheart
I love this thread
I am sooo happy I found this website!!!!!


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who are you in a nut shell

My name is Brandon
Im a male
Im 22 although soooon it will be 23. less than 2 weeks.
I was dx'd at just a few months old due to "failure to thrive"
Im an only child
I live in Boise,ID
I weigh like 118lbs and I'm 5'7"
My pft's are so low I could trip on them
I work in a cubicle staring at a computer monitor
I write comedy (though I should try stand up again)
I'm single and love to party with friends
I like to eat meat. (every time you cut into a steak a hippies hacky sack falls into the gutter)
I should be at work right now, but instead Im on myspace and doing this


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who are you

Looks like this thread was started several months ago, but since Khristina brought it to my attention, here's a bit about me:

My name is Rhiannon
Female, 29 years old (and planning a HUGE party for my 30th in November)
dx at age 11 after years of suspected food allergies and accusations of faking a cough for attention
double deltaF508
FEV1 of 34% - been hovering in the 30s for probably 10 years now
I'm 5'3 3/4 and weigh just over 100 lbs...am striving for 115
Love animals...cats and dogs equally now, but used to fear dogs (due to an unfortunate childhood incident with a German Shepard)
I'm fairly book smart and wish I could spend the rest of my life in school, LOL
Have a BA in philosophy - going back to get my MA in Communications. Hope to teach college one day
Recently faced my fear and hopped on the back of my boyfriends motorcycle - now I want one of my own!!
Have a drum set and darnit, one day I will learn how to play more than just a basic rock beat
No religious affiliation
Pretty liberal, politically speaking. But LOVE hearing different points of view and am always open to the possibility that I might not actually know it all, hehe
Think I would love to travel, but haven't been hardly anywhere (yet). I did travel to Canada with my high school marching band LOL (yep, I was a band geek - clarinet)
Really glad my boyfriend found this forum and sent me the link - it's changed my life


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who are you

my name is hope, I dont have CF my son who is 18 does. He doesnt know I post on here, this is my secret place and it gets me through some rough times. Here everyone knows how I feel and they understand what we go through, my son has his own circle of friends with CF that he confides in, and they help him right along.
He weights 153lbs, he is 6ft tall, his fev1 is in the 90's when he is well, right now we are in the 84 for fev1, we are currently trying to keep his mycrobacterium abscessus calmed down so that he can aleast have some summertime fun, he just graduated from HS. He was diagnosised at 6months of age for failure to thrive, I work fulltime I am a medical assistant. My son loves chinese food, pizza, and mountain dew. He loves to hunt, and ride a jet ski, he will start college in the fall. I feel blessed that I found this site it has helped us so very much, and each night I pray for all cf patients.



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who are you

My name is Nicole
I'm 27
I live in Michigan
I went through alot to get dx finally@21
married for over 4 years now
Just had a daugther in December, Lillian now 6 months old and CF free
I am 5'6'' currently 145lbs and pancreatic sufficient (obviously)
Today my FEV1 is 105% after adhering to therapies for all of 2007 though normally around 95%
Have a bachelor's in Biomedical Health Science with a Chemistry minor
I work full time as a chemist (go figure) but would like to do research work dealing with the body some day
I want to pursue a masters degree in the future but don't yet know for what or when
My mutations are E60X and P67L (a rarer mutation classified as having a 'dominant mild' effect)
I dislike: rain, snow, stupid drivers, laziness,
I LOVE: massages, asian food, sweets, working out, camping, rollercoasters, watching sci-fi with my hubby


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who are you

I'm Andee
I'm 36
My fev1 is 47%
I am 5' 1" and @ 119 lbs- only take an occasional enzyme when needed
I was diagnosed at birth with meconium illeus
I've had my gallbladder out at 16, and have had a few liver issues
I'm a Christian
I've been married for 15 years
I have "stayed home" for the last 14 years
I taught art at summer camp for 3 years at the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind
I am an adult reading teacher (Started a couple of weeks before I found out I was pregnant, had 2 students-one passed away-but haven't done it since daughter was born-local center closed)
We have one daughter, who is now 3 1/2
I live in Alabama
We have 4 elderly cats, one Boxer dog with a heart condition, a box turtle, and assorted fish
I have a knack for putting my foot in my mouth (working on that)
I am pretty easy going (but not always)
I love candy (almost anything "gummy", Brach's pumpkins and the marshmallow "hiding" easter eggs), but am trying to cut back since I had gestational diabetes
I swim for excercise, at the local college
I am a professional artist, but am apparently taking a break to be a mommy (but sometimes, the urge to draw and create just has to be satisfied- my daughter now has a giant tree on her bedroom wall ;)

I didn't mean to write that much, but I tend to do that here
Oh well, that's me too ;)


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who are you

Patty Sue
I am 25 : )
I'm 5'7 and 120 Ibs but hopefully going up sooN
am writing this in the hospital where I am bored and wide awake at 12am
have unstable Fev1 levels
I was dx at 6 mths. due to weight problems
hope never to have CFRD because my love for cotton candy and everything sugary
I have an incredible husband of 3 years as of tomorrow
I have a degree in Religion
I have a pug named Meka and a cat named Ralphie
I love animals and have had one of every kind it seems
I love Jesus
I am working for a great non-profit org. called, Angel Flight which some of you may be familiar with, it's a medical missions Organization. <a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge href="http://www.angelflightmidatlantic.org/
</a>My husband is beginning the first CF Great Strides walk in our community
oh, I live on the coast of Carolina. I grew up in New Jersey.
For free time I enjoy working with kids at the elem. school and church, going to the beach,
visiting other states (esp. Hawaii-wish I could do that once a yr) spending time with my family
and friends, reading, watching shows about nature and stupid you-tube videos.
More about me, go to: 65roses4pattysue.com